6 Hair Brushing Technique To Prevent Hair Loss


Hair Brushing Technique To Prevent Hair Loss Hair is a great asset of our body. IIt enhances beauty and personality of our body. Naturally people become worried when hairs start to fall. They do not hesitate to opt the appropriate expensive treatments to prevent hair loss and to enliven hair fall. But you can solve the problem of hair fall with proper brushing.

Brushing technique does not cost much and you can do it of your own. But wrong brushing may bring negative result, it means brushing in incorrect way may enhance the hair fall and may damage the hair. For this reason you have to know the right hair brushing technique for the good of your hair. This article will help you in this matter.

Hair Brushing Technique To Prevent Hair Loss

Buy the Best Quality Brush

The first thing that you have to do is to buy the right type of brush for your hair. Buy the best quality brush for your hair. Do not compromise with the quality. Buy the best one according to your budget. Buy brush with round head bristle. Soft brush is better than the hard brush. Hard brush may tear hair unevenly. For this reason, stay away from cheap hard plastic brush. Nowadays various brushes are available in the market made of natural material. Use them though they are costly.

Brush Your Hair Gently and Slowly and Brush Less

Brush your hair gently and slowly. Brushing harshly and quickly may damage your hair. For this reason brush softly. Do not brush much.

 Slowly and Brush Less

It may aggravate hair loss. Brush less. Less brushing and slow brushing benefits your hair.  It has been found that brushing hundred times is good for hair. Too much brushing may weaken the hair root and leads to hair loss.

Brush Your Hair From Back To Front

Do not back brush your hair. It makes your forehead broad by pushing hairline back. Bring your hair in front by brushing. Start brushing your hair from the end of the hair and gradually come in front. While brushing your hair, hold your hair tight with your hand otherwise hair may be torn away.

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Never Brush Wet Hair

Never brush wet hair because hair and hair root remains soft while it is wet. Brushing wet hair may aggravate the hair fall and the hair shaft becomes rough and uneven. When you brush wet hair, it actually stretches the fibers and the result is breakage of hair shaft. So first wipe your hair dry and then start brushing.

Brush Your Hair at Bedtime

Brushing few strokes before going to bed at night is very good. Brushing actually increase the blood circulation in the scalp and enhance the growth of the new hair. Moreover, brushing helps to relieve stress and strain and brings sleep. For this reason brushing at least 80 -100 strokes before going to bed is good for insomnia patients.

Brush Your Hair With Oil for Nourishment

Spread few drops of oil over your hair before starting brushing. In this technique the nourishment of oil spreads on the hair easily and makes your hair strong. Go through the article and know the right technique of brushing hair to solve the problem of hair loss.