6 Harmful Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

keratin hair treatmentBeing found in our hair, nails and our teeth naturally, keratin helps to make our hair soft, silky and shiny. If a girl has very curly or frizzy hair then the keratin in her hair cannot keep her hair texture smooth. This is where a keratin hair treatment comes in as it helps to increase the amount of keratin in your hair.

However, such treatments have a lot of side effects on the hair and prove harmful for the hair. These 6 harmful keratin hair treatment side effects are sure to make you stay away from such treatments in the future.

Major Side Effects Of Keratin Hair Treatment

Too Much Of Hair Loss

One of the most dangerous and common side effects of keratin hair treatment is that an individual who gets such a treatment done often experiences a lot of hair loss in the immediate future.

hair loss tips

Even if you use the recommended products, hair fall starts after the first wash and can increase day by day followed with a hair thinning pattern which may also make you go bald.

Increased Risk Of Cancer

Keratin hair treatments can make you prone to getting serious and fatal diseases like cancer. A substance which is carcinogenic in nature and is known as Formaldehyde is found in all products that treat your hair with keratin and gets absorbed in your skin in small quantities. This can lead to cancerous cells to enter your body and cause cancer.

Hair Texture Degrades

Once the treatment is complete, the hair feels lustrous and shiny. But as time passes by, you will notice that there is deterioration in the hair texture within 3 to 4 after the treatment.

dull hair

Your hair will start feeling rough, dry and you will feel that the quality of your hair has become from bad to worse after the treatment was done.

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Keratin hair treatment can cause many types of allergic reaction in your body. You could experience itching, eruption of rashes, eczema and other similar allergies within a few days after the treatment is done. These allergic reactions may prove to be quite difficult to cure permanently and may increase as time passes by.

Hair Remains Absolutely Straight

Your hair dresser or salon expert must have promised you that after a wash or two, your hair will start to relax and get a natural look in itself.

Straight Loose Hairstyle

However, this is a complete lie as your hair remains pin straight after the treatment, no matter how many times you wash it and looks absolutely artificial. This is yet another harmful side effect of keratin hair treatments.

Unsafe For Pregnant And Nursing Mothers

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should stay away from keratin hair treatments as far as possible though most salons make false promises that such hair treatments do not cause any harm to the mother or child.

The fetus or the new born baby will get affected to a large extent and keratin may affect his normal development. In general, woman who are about to deliver a child or have just delivered a baby should stay away from all types of hair treatments as much as possible as it is sure to affect the child at some point of time or the other.