6 Major Causes Of Hairloss And Breakage


Hair Loss Hair loss or hair breakage is the most traumatizing phase everybody passes through. The anxiety related to hair loss is never confined to a particular gender and it is equally nerve wrecking for a woman as it is for a man. There are several reasons that lead to hair loss. But, the most common thing people do when they suffer from hair loss is that instead of trying to find out the specific cause of hair loss they pick up anything and everything that claims to prevent the problem.

The resultant is that the problem persists, rather aggravates and makes the condition worse. We have compiled here some of the common reasons of hair loss or hair breakage for you and how can you avoid them.

Reasons For Hair Loss And Breakage

Vitamin D

Sufficient quantity of Vitamin D is necessary in human body for the health of hair. Vitamin D is obtained naturally from sunlight along with the prescribed medicinal supplements sold at the medicine counters. Vehement lack of Vitamin D often causes hair loss and hair breakage. Thus, it is to be countered by complementing the system with sufficient Vitamin D.


Causes Of Hair Loss

Biotin is a natural building block, which strengthens the hair strands as well as the roots. Biotin is obtained from food. But, the internal mechanism prevents certain individuals from absorbing enough biotin from food. This shows up in the form of hair loss or hair breakage. Biotin supplements are necessary to prevent the problem.

Lack Of Balanced Diet

Causes for hair loss

Crash dieting and food devoid of sufficient nutrients are also the popular causes of hair loss. Thus, a well balanced diet, which is comprised of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, cereals and pulses, lentils and animal proteins, supply the body with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the right proportion, thereby curbing hair loss. So, eat right in order to prevent hair loss.

Imbalance Of Essential Proteins

There are three basic proteins that team up together to build as much as 88% of each hair strand. These proteins are collagen, keratin and elastin.  One of the chief reasons of hair loss or hair breakage is when the balance of these proteins get disrupted, the connective bond in between them become weaker and tend to break off easily. This is mostly caused when hair is subjected to harsh chemicals and heat.

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Improper Hair Care

Sometimes we become extremely cruel with our hair quite unknowingly. This reflects back in the form of hair fall and hair breakage. A few common ill practices we adhere to are callous brushing, rubbing the hair too harshly with towel post a shower, combing wet hair, using improper hair accessories that create pressure on the hair strands and lead to their breakage and rinsing the hair too cruelly while shampooing. If we are careful enough to avoid these non-recommended actions, hair loss and breakage can be prevented much noticeably.

Internal Health

Certain physical factors and illnesses show up in the form of hair loss and breakage as the primary symptoms. Anemia, hormonal changes, thyroid, liver problems, postmenopausal condition and pregnancy are some of the major ones, which are directly related to hair loss and breakage.