6 Simple Tips On How To Stop Hair Breakage

hair loss treatment Hair fall and hair breakage are some of the most common problems being faced by many girls in recent times. Hair which becomes weak, brittle and dry often becomes prone to breakage. Though there are many hair care products and treatments which can cure the problem over a specific period of time, they also spoil the quality of your hair and degrade it to a large extent.

Instead, opt for these 6 simple ways which will guide you as to how you can stop hair breakage and get strong and shiny hair which does not break easily.

Tips To Stop Hair Breakage

Start Trimming The Ends

Trim around one-fourth to half an inch of hair every 2 months as this will help to get rid of dead ends, split ends and also prevent your hair from becoming dry and brittle.

Hair trimming

Hair which is infected with split ends is much likely to break more than normal hair and regular trimming can solve this problem completely.

Never Brush Hair When It’s Wet

When you have just taken a shower and your hair is absolutely wet, simply refrain from brushing your hair no matter how important it is for you to go out or get ready. Hair when wet is very fragile and in its weakest form.

wet hair combing

If you comb your hair when wet, it can stretch so much that it may not be able to return back to its earlier condition and will break instantly. If you want to stop hair breakage, get into the strict habit of brushing your hair only when it has almost dried.

Use Protein Treatments

Your hair is mainly protein and giving it what it is made up of makes a lot of sense. Depending on the extent of breakage, you must opt for a protein treatment for your hair that will not only strengthen it and make it thick but also reduce breakage with the first treatment itself.

Protein Treatments

Choose a mild protein treatment which should be followed with deep conditioning to give healthy, great looking and strong hair which does not break easily.

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Stay Away From Heat Treatments

If you are suffering from hair breakage and wish to stop it, the next time you think of styling your hair, make sure that you stay away from all kinds of heat treatments.

flat iron

Curling and flat irons along with blow dryer make it easy for us to style our hair in various ways but the damage they cause is completely irreversible and very bad for our hair in the long run. It gives way to hair fall and breakage in the long run and weakens the hair with every use.

Use Natural Products

When you choose products for your hair you should be very careful and make a wise decision. Use those products which have natural extracts in them instead of harsh chemicals. These chemicals can damage your hair and scalp and lead to degraded hair quality that will break easily. With continuous use, it may turn into hair loss. Natural ingredients on the other hand make hair strong, nourished and thick so that it does not break quickly.

Moisturize Your Hair

Moisturizing your hair forms a very vital part of your hair care routine if you want to stop hair breakage quickly.

Hair moisturizing

Use leave-in conditioners as they work best for hair that is prone to breakage. Make sure that these conditioners are made up of natural ingredients. It will also promote the growth of new hair which does not break easily and is soft and manageable.