6 Stylish 2013 Hair Trends


Why should you stick to your old common hairstyle when the time and years are making a leap? Just as the fashion trends, hairstyle trends too amend each year. The year 2013 fascinates all the pretty girls with its trendy hairstyles. It’s time to add uniqueness to their personalities via different kinds of hair styles.

If you are a fashion conscious woman, then you’ll certainly knock at the door of parlor. It doesn’t matter whether you spend some money on a certain hairstyle once or twice a year; at lest you’ve a happy feeling from within that you’re looking gorgeous than the others and it is quite satisfactory. Along with the hair trends when you compliment with a vibrant outfit, matching accessories and make-up plus shining sandals, your style appears to be sober yet sophisticated and graceful. Hence check out the 6 best 2013 hair trends and experiment something new this season.

Attractive Hair Trends 2013

Knotted Bun

This hairstyle with a bun will make you more enterprising as you can wear it in the office as well as home. You need to part your hair straight downwards at the back as you pull it into a ponytail.

knotted bun

Then you can bend the ponytail around into a knotty bun with a pin which will be placed at the nape of the neck with few hairs loosening out. You can hairspray it slightly and the overall hair look should be a bit messy. You can even add big round or long earrings with light makeup.

Extreme Side Fringes Hairstyle

Whether you’re a professional woman or a housewife you can tackle this hairstyle confidently. The hairstyle will first brush your hair nicely and then she’ll craft the extreme side fringe which places near to the temple and sweeps up crossways your forehead which will give you an extraordinary appearance.

Side Fringe

You can then tie your long hair into a small bun or else if you’ve short hair, then just comb at the back. You can hairspray to maintain the consistency.

Rich Waves Hairstyle

If you have a good quantity of thick hair and still want to keep it open then the rich waves are just appropriate for you. The hairdresser with the help of curling iron will curl huge front parts from your face.


Then she’ll tease the undersides with her fingers all across the head. To wrap the look she will drag a bigger segment of the hair from the front side straight towards the back and fasten with bobby pins. If you want you can hairspray your complete hair too.

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Braided Circle

You look elegant in the modest braid hairstyle which is superbly precise. The hairdresser will part your hair in the center and then smooth it at the backside in a low ponytail with the help of gel.

braided circle

As she’ll divide your hair into two parts each segment will be braided nicely and draped upwards from the middle in order to craft an oval shape. The braids will be then pinned to keep it in place. You can also hairspray above the braids. You can also wear long earrings for adding further style to your braided circle.

Looped Fishtail

Girls who are getting ready for parties can certainly style themselves with looped fishtail. You just need to keep your hairstyle in simple and messy way.

Looped Fishtail

The hairstylist will firstly segment a three inch portion of your hair right over your two ears and thus plait them in French fishtail style beginning from the crown towards the end. Then she inserts the rest of the hair upwards and under the plaits as she pins it creatively touching the nape.

Center Slicker Hairstyle

Girls will surely rock themselves in the center slicker hairstyle. The hairdresser will first blow-dry your hair and then she can part a two-inch piece of hair at the front side of the head which is slicked backwards with the help of mousse. Thus all of your hair will be dragged together around the back of your neck and tied simply with a barrette. You can also keep your hair loose by fitting a plain, thin clip on the crown. Therefore make a slight change in you by adapting one of the above stylish hair trends of 2013.



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