6 Tips For Daily Care For Black Hair

tips for black hairEveryone wishes to have healthy, lustrous and thick black hair for in a world consisting of both brunettes and blondes, black hair stands out the most. Whether you’re a boy or a girl possessing black hair, you still have to take some necessary steps to maintain the jet black color of your hair.

Your natural black hair requires day to day care which is easy and not so expensive to carry out. This will ensure that your hair is adequately nourished and is not subject to any damage. Here are 6 tips to follow daily to maintain your black hair.

Daily Care Tips For Black Hair


Shampoos contain chemical detergents which can dry out your hair, hence shampooing daily should be strictly avoided. Use a mild shampoo and rinse-out conditioner according to your hair type, which should only be applied once or twice a week.

washing hair

While shampooing, use cool water and work your way through the hair gently in a downward motion. Apply the shampoo on your scalp and rub it as for your conditioner, apply it on your hair strands for best results. For drying, use a soft towel and lightly pat on your head to soak out the water. Do not rub furiously as it may break the strands of your hair.


It’s a myth that brushing your hair a hundred times before going to sleep will make hair stronger and healthier. It instead leads to breaking of the hair strands. Use a clean wide toothed comb to comb your hair and work your way from the root to the tip gently.

Combing hair

Do not pull or yank. If hair is dry apply a gentle leave-in conditioner and comb your hair. For brushing, always use a soft and clean brush. Do not use plastic bristle brushes as they are harsh on black hair, instead use natural-bristle brushes to brush your hair.

Oiling And Moisturizing

For healthy looking black hair, it is imperative that one moisturizes and oils the scalp daily to avoid the hair to dry and become frizzy.

oil massaging

Warmed olive oil, or pure coconut oil can be massaged gently onto your scalp and then with your fingers spread it through the hair. Herbal oils like Shea butter, rosemary and jojoba oil also act as good hair moisturizers. Use a wide toothed comb to detangle your hair thereafter.

Comb Your Hair At Night

Before going to bed, comb your hair gently and remove all tangles .Twist or braid your hair if it’s long as it becomes easier to style in the morning. Also, cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf to keep it moisturized and prevent breakage while sleeping.

Avoid Heat Treatments

heating tools

Heat treatments like straightening or curling your hair daily is very harmful for your hair. Excess exposure of black hair to heat will make it dry and after some time, it will start losing its natural black colour and look dry and limp instead.

Trimming And Styling

Keep your hair healthy by trimming it and prevent split ends. Never change your stylist often as your stylist will know which hair products suit your hair and which don’t and will also be able to advice you which products should be used daily and which shouldn’t.

While Going Out

Always apply a suitable leave in conditioner to protect your hair from the sun while going out and do the same while going swimming to protect your hair from the chlorine.