7 Best Hair Damage Repair Methods

hair damage Your hair can indeed be your crowning glory if you treat it right! Straighten, iron, perm, bleach, color – If that is what you have done with your hair too often you probably have haystack instead of silky tresses. When you comb fingers through once glorious locks it feels dry and life and also more prone to hair fall.

With the zeal to style comes an unwelcome surprise for the hair-Damage. Dry, fragile and lusterless hair can be the effect of either chemical or mechanical damage or both. No matter what type of hair damage has occurred, you can repair your hair to keep it healthy, lustrous, looking its best, with the help of these 7 methods.

Ways To Repair Hair Damage

Treat Bleached And Colored Hair

Bleaching and coloring use a lot of chemicals; to treat it, ensure thorough rinsing followed by conditioning. Also, perming and straightening change the structure of hair, making it weak, and in turn frizzy so look for styling products that contain fatty alcohol that strengthens and softens hair.

Check The Temperature Of Your Styling Tools

Check The Temperature Of Your Styling Tools

If your styling tools top 212°F for straightening and curling, the water inside each hair will start to boil leading to brittle and lusterless hair; so the next time ensure the styling tools you use are low in temperature and hydrate the ends as they are more susceptible to damage due to hot tools.

Better-looking Hair Can Start At Your Next Meal.

When it comes to healthy hair, it’s not just what you put on your tresses that count – it’s what you put in your body, too. A healthy and nutritious diet, rich in protein, soy products, beans, cheese, nuts and whole grains are highly beneficial for hair.

fruits and vegetables

Cutting down canned and processed food also helps. In addition to drinking plenty of water, fruits and vegetables containing essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, B, C, E, zinc and copper should be positively included.

Make Friends With Your Natural Texture

Choose your haircut and tools according to your hair-type this will not only prevent unnecessary usage of styling, but also allow your hair to air-dry without much entanglement and hassle. Ideally one should get damaged hair trimmed every six weeks until the damage goes.

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Use Wide-tooth Combs

Remember, wide-tooth combs are wet and damaged hair’s best friend; so do not push it with other methods to detangle.

use wide toothed comb

In addition, hair oiling followed by hot towel turban therapy helps increase the strength and moisturizes the hair and scalp from time to time.

Proper Maintenance

Brushing your hair regularly to stimulate the scalp will keep it looking healthy and lustrous. Natural cleansers and conditioners should be used to nullify the damage made by harsh chemical topical products over time.

Reduce Stress


Stress can be seriously injurious to long-term health and color of hair. Proper time management and relaxation by meditation methods help restore balance in life and body and reduce pressures and tensions. Relaxing or uplifting music can be therapeutic. Get adequate, good quality sleep to help the natural process of rejuvenation.

Taking good care of your hair, eating a healthy diet regularly will make your hair look beautiful and healthy and prevent it from drying out. That is pretty much it! It is not a compulsion to go to expensive beauty salons or spend your money for overrated hair products!