7 Best Korean Male Hairstyles Flowing In Fashion Era

Korean Male Hairstyles

Korean Male Hairstyles Korean television and pop stars have become the fascination of most of the women of the recent times. That is the main reason that the majority of the men, whether teen or adults, are trying to adopt these styles. If truth to be told, Korean Male Hairstyles are like a fancy when it comes to the fashion world.

Some of the Best Korean Male Hairstyles

The Layered Hair

This hairstyle is trending now-a-days with long hair cut in a layered fashion and tapered at the ends. The ends of the hair can be set in a wavy pattern with some gel or berm that holds the hair for as long as you attend an important occasion. Use your fingers to give your hair the regular flow which makes it appear a little muddled.

Get the Fringe

There are many popular Korean Male Hairstyles but one of the most popular ones is the fringed haircut. This style projects short hair at the end and seemingly longer hair as it ends. The ends are shaped as fringes that are arranged in a decreasing pattern towards the other end of the forehead while longer at the other.

The Rolled Look

This style is usually adopted by men that have long hair that can be shaped into a razor fashion from the front with fringes covering the forehead in a slanting pattern.

Rolled Look Style

Source: http://www.meifala.com/44/category-catid-44-page-155.html

The hair on the middle part of the head can be rolled and then left loose to fall without pressing or combing it.

Straight Fringe Look

The new trending Korean Male hairstyles include the hair trimmed in a fringed fashion with relatively shorter fringes. The side one is combed so as to reach up to the eye. The ends of the hair from the back may be shaped through a razor cut so as to appear a little messy.

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Random Perm Style

This style is though not one of the traditional Korean Male Hairstyles, yet it is drifting into the fashion world at a fast pace. This style is perhaps one of the funkiest looks that men depict.

Random Perm Style

Source: http://www.feisho.com/2011-tide-men-popular-hairstyles-winter-influx-of-men-change.html

There is a random streak of hair that is set as a perm with a spray but it requires only the use of fingers. The use of comb would give it a look like it has been set. The use of fingers to set it will help you gain a natural and a sexy look.

The Hawk Look

Trending from the times, this style is not truly Korean but it is relatively popular amongst the teens of the place. This requires razor cut from the front with the middle part cut a little shorter so as to be spiked with the help of some gel that can hold it. The ends can be left loose or they can be waved to make it look all the more appealing.

Blonde Spiky look

Most of the Korean Male hairstyles are generally featured on a brunette look; the blonde is the new vogue. This style comprises the hair being painted as the blonde while the haircut being featured as a razor to give sharp ends. The spikes can then be formed with this haircut or there is even an option of perms. A combination of both the spikes with the wavy ends can also give you a fashionable appeal.

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