7 Different Reasons For Hair Loss

Common Types Of Hormone Imbalance And Hair Loss

Hair loss Hair loss is a condition of the scalp where the hair, once lost does not seem to grow back causing partial or full baldness.

Hair loss can be traced back to inheritance from forefathers but these days it is usually caused due to the lifestyle changes that have happened.

Food habits, consumption of medicines and drugs, malnutrition etc. are few causes for continuous hair loss. Though exact cause of hair loss cannot be found, as it is different for different individuals, here are the most common reasons why a person loses hair.

Various Reasons For Hair Loss

Hereditary Causes

Hereditary Causes

For many it runs in the genes to lose hair. If members of the family, blood relatives and ancestors might have gone through thinning of hair and eventually baldness then it is quiet natural for one belonging to the same family to lose hair with age. It is not certain that the person will lose hair, but the probability is high.

Iron Deficiency

Women who have heavy periods and do not supplement their diet with iron rich food to make up for the lost blood are often seen to suffer from hair loss.

Lack of blood in the system makes one pale and weak. Reduced blood circulation in the body leads to tendency of being anaemic and causing thinning of hair and hair loss.

Improper Cosmetics

It is a bad idea to experiment with hair cosmetics. Shampoos and conditioners available in the market are purely detergent based and have high sulphur content.Choosing the shampoo that doesn’t suit your hair type and frequent switching to the new arrivals in the market is equivalent to toying with your hair and may lead to serious irreversible damages.

Excessive Styling

Use of harsh hair styling products and frequent change of hairstyles involving a lot of hairstyling tools to be used damage the hair tips first and then the roots.

Excessive Styling

It makes follicles weak and the hair fragile. Initial symptoms of styling being rough, dry and lifeless hair; later becomes hair loss.


Life has higher demands and expectations than we can give in today’s world. Hectic schedules, improper food habits, disturbed rest routines, frequent illnesses, harmful medications all the time is an exposure to extreme stressful living all the day long.

Stress is the biggest enemy of health and therefore is a mighty cause for hair loss for a huge crowd of people.

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Drugs And Treatment

There are several over the counter medications excessive intake of which has harmful effects on our body.

It makes the immune system weak and even minor illnesses become a cause of major concern. It also leads to hair loss which is unidentifiable initially and uncontrollable after identification.

Pregnancy For Women

Woman’s body goes through a lot of hormonal change during pregnancy. Hair loss is one of them. It is normal for a woman to go through thinning of hair and hair loss during this phase.

Pregnancy For Women

Though extreme loss of hair is rare, but chances of reducing the once thick pony tail by 1/5th portion is considered normal.