7 Trendy Hairstyles For Women Over 40


There is no dearth of trendy hairstyles for women over 40. You can choose any hairstyle as long as you get the basics right. These hairstyles will make you look edgier, graceful and if I may dare to say sexier without the label of “trying too hard.”

You know what I mean. Well, following are the trendiest hairstyles for women over 40 which give context to my introduction.

Best Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Bob Hairstyle

This is best suited for women with round or a wide face. This cut styled well provides an immediate face lift. An angled bob combined with longer hair at the front and shorter length at the back makes the face look longer and proportionate.

Blunt Bob Hairstyle

Throw in some side swept bangs on the forehead to hide those experience lines and you are ready to go. Use a paddle brush, a dryer and a texturizing cream to seal the style.

Short Hairstyle

Take the plunge and go short. The hairstyle works well for women with shaped cheekbones. The short style will emphasize them further and bring out the best in your face. Use styling products for hold and play along with the texture

Long Waves 

I know it has been an unwritten commandment that long hair past 40 doesn’t work but that is not valid anymore. Texture the length of your hair with layers and style them in waves.

layered Highlight Techniques For Long Hair

The fluidity and the movement of the waves will open up the entire face and will minimize the  flaws. Make sure to deep condition the layers regularly to keep the hair smooth and flawless.

Long And Straight

The straight layered hairstyle has layers all around with slightly longer ones at the back and the blunt edges. This style works on almost all shapes, however be careful about the thinning ends which may look untidy. Just one thing, never go overboard with the length of the cut and this hairstyle is sure to get  you smiles and attention all along.

Pixie Cut

No, wrong again. This cut is not reserved for the younger ones. Just a tweak and you will be ready to rock this one.

pixie cut

Begin at the top with short layers and an angled or wedge cut at the back and the sides. Delicate fringes go well with this edgy hairstyle. You can use a thickening cream at the top to give some volume to the crown area.

Shoulder length

The cut is a classic and a low maintenance hairstyle that works for everyone. The shoulder length hair can be styled into a ponytail or subtle curls for that add an extra dash of pizzazz. To get that bounce in the hair cut some layers and curl them. Dab some smoothing serum for that extra shine and frizz control.

Low Bun

If open hair  is not your thing or you are having a bad hair day, low bun or chignon is the safe bet. Nonetheless, avoid making the bun too stiff as it may end up looking too mature.  Just loosen the bun and detach some strands to give it a playful yet clean look. Use volumizing products and glossy sprays to enhance the hairdo.

low bun

Coloring and highlighting play a very important role in the final outcome of any hairstyle. Discuss the same with your hairstylist and any other query you have before taking the plunge. Another tip never style your hair too stiff or too slick. Add layers, they will do the trick.

Finally the most important thing, confidence makes even drab look fab. Keep that in mind and maybe you will become a trendsetter.


Tanishka Sana