8 Effective Tips to Get Thicker Hair

thicker hair If you think you are the only one who has thin, brittle and bad quality hair, then think twice. Millions of women around the globe suffer from this same problem and use various hair products, treatments and chemicals to get thick hair, but in vain. Using chemicals and harsh treatments will spoil the quality of your hair instead of improving it.

If you really want to get thick hair and solve the problem of thin hair once and for all, simply follow these 8 effective tips to get thicker hair and make heads turns wherever you go.

Effective Tips to Get Thicker Hair

Use Natural Shampoo, Conditioner And Hair Products

If you want to make your hair thick and strong, then use only natural products for your hair instead of those which contain harmful chemicals. Products that contain chemicals will clean your hair well but also damage it at the same time. It will make your hair thin, brittle and more prone to damage in the long run.

Wash Your Hair Twice A Week

For our hair to be strong, it is very important to keep the natural oils intact which are produced by our hair and coat it so that it can stay protected from damage.

washing hair

If you wash your hair every day, these natural oils get washed away leaving our hair thin and damaged. This is why you should not wash your hair more than 2 times a week.

Apply Essential Oils

hot oil treatment

Essential oils like that of chamomile, rosemary, thyme, cedarwood and lavender will help to thicken hair follicles and make the roots of your hair strong and healthy. This will give rise to thick, bouncy hair which you will want to touch again and again.

Avoid Heat Treatments

If you want to get thick hair, then you must avoid ll types of heat treatments and styling tools which can make your hair thin, dry and brittle and make them fall out easily. Avoid using a blow dryer or iron and always let your hair dry after a shampoo.

Get A Trim Every 2 Months

Hair trimming

If you get a haircut or a simple trim every 2 months, it will help you to get rid of split-ends. This will give your hair a completely new life and they will appear thicker and become healthier. Split-ends can damage your hair and if left untreated it can lead to extensive hair loss.

Consume Vitamins And Minerals

Consuming good amounts of vitamins and minerals in your diet will help nourish your hair and make it thick and full of volume. Eat food items which are rich in Vitamin B and Iron.

Vitamin B helps to keep the hair thick and also improves the overall health of your hair. if your body is deficient in iron, your hair will start falling and become extremely thin and fine.

Reduce Stress Levels

Stress has a direct negative impact on your hair as it leads to hair loss and also thins down your hair to a large extent.

Get rid of stress

Practice yoga, meditation and deep breathing exercises which will help you to keep your body, skin and hair healthy and thick for years to come.

Apply Castor Oil

Castor oil has been known for thickening your hair and enhancing its growth since ages now. Apply castor oil on your hair and scalp and massage gently. Let it soak overnight and then shampoo the next morning. Follow this 2 to 3 times a week. You will get thicker and fuller hair in just 3 to 4 weeks.