Amazing Benefits of Egg Yolk on Hair

healthy hair products We know that egg is a protein rich food and protein is one of the very essential requirements for our body including the hair. Because of this egg is extensively used in hair care products and homemade hair masks to get stronger and healthier hair. As such egg yolk and egg whites both are useful in the hair care, but egg yolk is more nutritious to be used as a hair moisturizing, nourishing and hair repair agent.

When we look into the properties of egg yolk in detail we find that egg yolks are natural emulsifiers, which means they hold and bind the hair mask ingredients together for a smooth and homogeneous mixture. Egg yolks have rich sulphur content which can help alleviate dandruff symptoms. Though many people restrain from its strong smell, the nutritional properties cannot be overlooked for its use in hair care treatment. Here we will learn more about the benefits of egg yolks which are helpful in getting softer, silkier and manageable tresses.

Egg Yolk Benefits For Hair

Egg Yolk For Conditioning

Forget your store brought conditioners and use this homemade egg yolk conditioner for a softer and silkier hair. Break open one or two eggs depending on the length of your hair. Separate out the egg yolks and beat them nicely. Add one tablespoon of olive oil and continue whipping until they blend together.

Egg Yolk For Conditioning

Mix one cup of warm water to dilute the mixture. Apply this conditioner evenly covering the entire hair after shampooing. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. Follow this regimen whenever you wash your hair.

Egg Yolk To Prevent Hair Loss

If you are dealing with the problem of excessive hair loss, this simple recipe of egg yolk can provide you a natural solution. Whip egg yolks from two eggs until it turns creamy.

hair loss1

Apply the blend onto your hair and scalp and leave it for around half an hour. Wash your hair with normal water. Continue this for few weeks and your will see an improvement in your hair loss problem.

Egg Yolk For Hair Repair

Egg yolk forms one of the very essential ingredients in reviving and repairing the damaged hair. One of the simple hair repair formula is to mix two egg yolks with two teaspoons of castor oil. Mix them and apply onto the hair, leave it for some time and rinse it off. In order to tackle more damaged hair mix one tablespoon of almond oil and 2 tablespoons of yogurt along with egg yolk to form a paste. Apply this paste onto your hair from roots to tips, leave it for couple of hours before rinsing it off.

Egg Yolk For Softer And Frizz-free Hair

If you have dry hair which is frizzy and unmanageable, egg yolks combined with some amazing natural ingredients can give you a wonderful solution. This home remedy consist of three ingredients- egg yolk and 2 tablespoons each of coconut oil and honey. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and whip them nicely until they are blended together.

Egg Yolk For Softer And Frizz Free Hair

Apply this mixture on to dry hair and scalp and gently massage for few minutes. You can leave it as long as you want even overnight. Rinse it with warm water using a gentle shampoo.