Amazing Mid-Length Hair Makeover Ideas

medium haircut If you have mid length hair,  you are extremely blessed as your hair requires very less maintenance and it also offers a scope for a variety of styling ideas.

You can simply brush your hair and leave it as open hair or can secure it into a pony tail for a hassle free look. But if you wish to add up a little spice to your old look or if you are feeling bored of the same hairstyles again and again, you can opt for mid-length hair makeover ideas to have a new look as well as style. Let your tresses do the talking.

Haircuts For Medium Length Hair

Chose A Bob Hair Cut

If the ends of your hair have a thin look, then offer your locks a fresh look with the new bob cut. This hair style can suit any kind of facial shape and frame.

bobs style

The versatility of this kind of hair style is that it can be styled in any way you wish to and according to your facial features. Also this looks good on any hair type with any texture. When cut into a mid length style, the bob cut looks its best on any person.

Soft Retro Wavy Look

With the help of hot irons, hair roller barrels or curling iron, you can easily achieve this new look. Once you curl your mid length hair, brush your hair with a soft brush with rounded bristles. This is the right way to attain soft and wavy loose retro waves.

Side Style Updo

When you are tired of the same good old pony tail and top knots, it’s time to look for a new hairstyle to breathe life into your appearance. You can try the side styled sassy looking updo by pinning up half of the hair by combing and sweeping it to one side.

side style updo

You can create this look within a very less time and looks great on any kind of hair. This looks great for any occasion right from shopping for an elegant dinner. This hairdo is also good for all dresses.

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Opt For Highlights

If you are too picky in choosing the mid-length hair makeover ideas then you can try to flaunt your locks with colorful highlights which would offer a good impact on your hair, face and appearance.

This is beneficial as changing your entire hair color might not look good on you. In such situations, the wiser choice would be to opt for a two tone hair color which would cover even the bangs to offer a uniform look. You can try to add some highlights to all hairstyles including bob hairstyle.

Different Hair Parts

If you want to it low and are concerned about experimenting then the simple way would be to part your hair differently which would dramatize your look.

hair parts

You can try zig zags, left, right or in the middle. This can help to attain a whole new look in a jiffy. Make sure that if you already have a parting, try to take the parting on the opposite side.

Joyeeta Bose