Aromatherapy Recipes For Hair

aromatherapyAromatherapy  used natural essential oils and ingredients for treating various skin and hair problems. Aroma Oils have natural healing properties that treat problems from the core and therefore is a little time taking than the chemical treatments. It is essential to have the mind and body at ease when going through aromatherapy treatments for it to give maximum benefits.

Aromatherapy Oils lift the mood, relieves pain, and stimulates hair and skin thereby relaxing the body and let it heal through natural processes. Here are some basic and easy aromatherapy recipes that you can try for scalp and hair benefits.

Aromatherapy Recipes For Hair

To promote Hair Growth

A convenient recipe for hair growth through aromatherapy is by the use of rosemary oil. It is an easy and fast method to make hair long and strong.

hair growth

The Mix: 10 drops of Rosemary Oil with equal amount of Lavender Oil, half of Basil Oil and 4 ounces of Jojoba Oil can be combined and stored. Use the mix at night and wash away in the morning using a mild natural shampoo. Helps stimulate hair growth.

To prevent Hair Loss

Hair Loss can be dealt with strong aroma oils to reduce receding hair lines and thinning hair.

hair loss

The Mix: 5 drops each of Cedar wood, Sandal wood and Lavender Oils mixed with 4 drops of Rosemary extracts used on hair an hour before shampooing is a great recipe to prevent hair loss.

As a cure for Dandruff

Dandruff is caused by dryness on the scalp making it flaky and causing many other related hair problems. Besides drinking lots of water and keeping yourself hydrated, this is what you can do.


The Mix: One drop each of sage and lavender mixed in 250 ml water and with 5 drops of lemon juice mixed well make a great rinse to cure dandruff. Massage into hair an hour before washing off.

To get Silky and Strong Hair

An exposure to pollution and UV rays of the sun make the hair stiff and dull. Aromatherapy has a cure for this too.

silky and Strong Hair

The Mix: This is the easiest way to soften your hair and get back the shine. Mix 2 tablespoons of Honey with 3 tablespoons Olive Oil and apply to hair for 20 minutes. It is a tough mix therefore requires thorough rinsing first with lukewarm and then cold water.

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To Remove Dryness

Dryness is caused by regular styling. The application of hot styling tools steals the moisture from the hair leaving it dry and brittle.

dryness of hair

The Basic Ingredient to restore moisture is the use of Olive Oil. Warm Olive Oil massaged on the head from scalp to tip followed with hot towel therapy for 20 minutes makes the oil penetrate deep into the roots of your hair, curing dryness.

All-rounder Hair Pack

Dryness, breakage, dandruff whatever be your problem, from dry to oily scalp, this is a basic hair mask that you can use on your hair for maintenance.

hair pack

The Mix: One mashed banana with 5 drops of almond oil, mixed well and used on hair for 25 minutes before being washed off helps restore hair texture and softness.