Attractive Coiffure Hairstyles

Coiffure essentially stands for hairdo. It is a French word and hence coiffure hairstyles stand for hairstyles which are elaborate and elegant .These hairstyles can be very time consuming as they give off a very intricate look and one usually spends ample amounts of time working on their coiffure. 

Coiffures can look stunning if done the right way. Make sure that the hairdo is perfectly set and is held properly by hair pins and clips so that it stays intact for a long time. Here are four coiffure hairstyles which you can flaunt this season.

Stylish Coiffure Hairstyles For Girls

The Beehive Hairdo 

The beehive hairdo is a very vintage hairdo and continues to be copied by celebrities and models on the runway even now. The beehive hairdo is a very time consuming process yet it works brilliantly on all kinds of face types and cuts. To get this look, you should preferably have long hair which can easily be made into a puff and then the rest of the hair can be left free.

Beehive Hairdo

You then take a section of your hair from the front and pin it back to get a puff. Take similar sections of hair from the front and pin them back to get a big voluminous puff. Note that the hair in front should be totally back combed and no fringes should be left free or else the look can become undesirable messy. After doing so leave the rest of the hair free and apply a strong hold hairspray to make the hairstyle everlasting.

The Super Volume Or Super Maxi Bob 

The super volume or the super maxi bob is a very pretty hairstyle and adds massive amounts of volume to the hair. Hence, the bob suits thin hair as well, as by sporting this hairstyle even thin hair can look good. To get this look, get your hair cut in the form of a medium length or a shoulder length bob which is symmetrical in a nature.

Super Maxi Bob

Now divide your hair into different sections and then blow dry your hair carefully in those sections so that each section gets a certain amount of volume added to it. You can even opt to curl the hair inwards if you wish to go for a more vintage look. You can then accessorize this bob with the help of colourful headbands and hair clips.

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The Intricate Braided Bun 

The intricate braided bun is a very time consuming up do. To get this look, your hair should preferably be very long. Divide the hair into three sections and then braid it to get a simple long braid.

braided bun

After getting this braid, take it and spiral it up in the form of a coil on top of the head. Secure the braid with hair clips wherever required. You can even add beads and flowers to the braid in a neat manner to make the braid look intricate.

The Pompadour 

The Pompadour

A very stylish and unique up do, in this hairstyle a section of hair from the front is back combed, twisted, puffed and clipped at the back while another strip of hair in the front is made to outline the other side of the face. You can then tie the rest of the hair into ponytail or make it into a bun.