Attractive Hairstyles For Junior Prom


Hairstyles For Junior Prom The right hairstyle is a major factor that often makes a difference in your overall prom appearance. If you are a junior then the elaborate updos and hairstyles are not for you; instead opt for partial updos and light waves that look casual and easy to make. As juniors, one must experiment more. Most of the junior prom hairstyles are defined by teen celebrities.

Different Types of Junior Prom Hairstyles

The options are often limited and one can easily categorize junior prom hairstyles into three broad sections – long curly hairstyles, partial updos, and updos.

Long Curly Hairstyles

If you have long hair, then one of the best options to have soft waves or curls. This is a classic choice as it has been on the top most prom hairstyle choice for years. There are different types of curls that one can choose from, including spiral curls or waves.

While the former can be created by using a curling iron in a vertical direction, hair waves can be created with hot rollers. If your choice is curls that are well defined then opt for the spiral curls instead of waves. Once the hair cools off, you can shape the hair.

Partial Updo Hairstyles

This is again a great option for long hair. To create this look, all you need to do is to part the hair into small sections and to secure it behind with hair pins. If you want a more dramatic appearance take small sections of the hair in the crown area and backcomb it to add height. Next, smooth the hair and pull back all the sections and tie a neat ponytail. Height in the crown area adds drama to the hairstyle.

haircuts for junior prom


Another great alternative is to French braid the hair loosely on one side instead of tying a tight ponytail. Keep the braids loose to add casualness to the style. Next, add extra shine to the by applying shine serum onto the hair ends.

This not only adds shine but also seals off the hair cuticles. If you are not afraid of highlighting the hair, then adding highlights on the crown area is a great option for individuals opting for a partial updo prom hairstyle. Accentuated by the colors, your hair will stand apart from the rest.


These are great option for proms but you must remember to keep it simple. If you go for elaborate updos then you might end up looking too matured for your age and being junior prom you would want to dress your age. One of the simplest updo is to pull back the hair and twist till it forms a chignon. Next, pin the hair and clip it with a hair accessory that compliments your dress.

If you want to opt for a fancy chignon, yet not too elaborate then one can simply braid the hair at the hairline and then gather the rest of the hair and secure it in a neat bun. Hair accessories such as colorful bobby pins are a great option to highlight the braids at the forehead.

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