Attractive Long Hairstyles For Men

long hair styles for men Not many men are as conscious of their hairstyle as compared to the women. But that does not mean that there are fewer options for men! The list of stylish and trendsetting hairstyles for men is long and more and more men are becoming more aware about wearing appropriate hairstyles as and when they attend events and other formal and informal occasions.

Long hairdos can be worn in different styles. Depending on the texture of your hair, the hairstyles can range from long layers to twisted curls to long bangs – each has its own specialty and uniqueness and one can choose as per the shape of the face.

Options for Men with Long Hair

Like women with long length hair who have endless hairstyle options, men too have vast choices. Mostly worn up to the neck or shoulders, long locks are no longer only flaunted through ponytails and braids. Here is a list of choices that men can sport and carry their locks with élan.

Asymmetrical Layers

Get a layered haircut and style it by highlighting the hair with soft dark hair tone such as brown. Next, comb the front hair and let it fall on the face, which renders a casual look.

Short Layers

Another great option is to sport short layers on the face. To style it perfectly, part the hair at the center and scatter the hair across loosely and casually. This makes the hair look stylish and extremely easy on the eye.

Wavy Layers

long hairstyles for men


If you have long and wavy hair then blow dry the hair to point out the edges of the hair. This helps in highlighting the wavy layers and offers an exquisite look to your long layers.

Shaggy Layers

If you want a carefree look, then one can simply blow dry the hair while using a round brush to comb the strands. Run it smooth and let the hair flow as naturally as possible.

Side Swept Shaggy Layers

If you are unsure of carrying flowing long shaggy layered hair, then opt to get your hair at the forehead cut shorter than the side bangs. Style the front hair by side sweeping it and keep it on one side of the forehead. Use a hair serum to smoothen the texture of the layered hair.

Loose Fringe Ponytail

If you want a casual everyday look, then simply style it by pulling back the hair loosely into a ponytail. Let some loose fringes stay on the sides as it adds casualness to the style.


A number of youngsters prefer a cascading look which is enhanced by the innumerable shaggy layers. These layers fall onto the face; if you like to keep your face clean then this is certainly not the style for you. A cool look where your face is half covered by the cascading layers, it has been sported by a number of young celebrities on the red carpet.

High Ponytail

One of the neatest hairdo for men is a high ponytail. This is a no-nonsense look where one can slick back the hair into a tight ponytail. Use a hair serum to smoothen the fly-aways and complete the look.

Loose Waves

hairstyles for men


If you have shoulder length hair that is wavy then one of the easiest options is to just comb back the waves and remove the tangles. A classic and casual look, it is great option for people who have wavy hair but this is not a good option if you have unruly and curly hair.

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Bouncy Curls

Men with curly hair can simply enhance the look by adding texture to the hair at the sides. Add some bounce by using a hairspray and complete the styling by using a curler at the hair ends. This helps in controlling the curls and adds some kind of uniformity and style to the long curly hair.

Side Parting

Another great option for men with curly hair is to side part the hair from the front and side combing the hair. This adds volume to the hair and provides the hair a tapered look.

Straight Strands

If you have extremely long and straight hair then one can simply center part the hair and gel the strands from top to bottom. This helps in highlighting the length of the hair and also keeping the styling simple and easy.

Uneven Layers

Get an uneven layer haircut that is cut into a perfect V-shape at the back. Style it by sectioning the hair and letting the hair cascade onto the shoulders.

Ponytail Braids: Another popular style is to tie a high ponytail and braid the hair for a cleaner and sophisticated look. Perfect for formal parties, you can either French braid or normal braid the hair as per your convenience and comfort.

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