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Low Do Bridal Hairstyles While planning a wedding, one of the questions that loom big time on the mind of the brides is regarding their wedding hairstyle. One of the popular and trendy bridal hairstyle ideas is to wear the hair low at the nape.

What makes this style immensely popular is the fact that brides love to wear tiara and a veil and with high dos and hairstyles this might not be possible.

Hence, if you want a wedding hairstyle that fits the veil and the tiara then consider a low bridal do for the big day.

Low Hairdo Options for Brides

It might not be the easiest decision to make, but a low do is a great choice as it suits all types of facial features and can look casual yet elegant. A few of the popular low dos are listed below:

Low Side Bun

One of the trendy hairstyles that has become increasingly popular in recent times, a low side bun can be created like one makes a low chignon. Only in this case, make the ponytail on one side of the head instead of the nape of the neck. Also, replace bobby pins with a ponytail holder that allows the bun to sag and create a casual and loose affect. End the styling by framing the face with loose strands.

Curly Low Do

If you want to instill a romantic feel to the hairstyle, then curling the hair is a good option. Curls and waves go extremely well with bridal gowns; hence, even if you do not have natural curly hair then using a curling iron or spiral curls is a great idea.

Curly Low Do


Once the hair is curled, gather the hair at the nape and secure into a loose ponytail. Next, tuck the ponytail upwards and secure the ponytail with bobby pins. For a messy look, pull a few tendrils out and let it cascade down while the tiara and the veil enhance the curly do.

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Low Chignon

While talking of low dos, the first thing that one thinks of is a low chignon. This is an elegant and classic choice and has been popularized by Hollywood stalwarts such as Audrey Hepburn. To create the perfect low chignon, one must pull back the hair into a neat ponytail that is secured low at the nape.

Low Chignon


Next, pull the ponytail hair out and start twisting the hair until it becomes tight at the base. Secure the twisted hair with clips and pins and for a perfect bridal look accessorize it with flowers and accent pieces.

Poof with Side Ponytail

This is a great option for brides who have long straight hair. Start the styling by curling the hair and brushing the curls once they have cooled off. Next, create a poof by teasing the hair at the crown and spritzing it with a hairspray. Once you are satisfied with the poof, pull back the hair and secure it loosely under one of your ears. End the styling by placing the tiara and the veil at the top of the head.

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