Attractive Shoulder Length Hairstyles


Shoulder length is the perfect hair length for those who want to chop off their very long locks but do not want a bob or a shag haircut. In shoulder length hairstyles the hair touches the collar bone or is just above that. The advantage of shoulder length hair is that it suits almost all face shapes and all hair textures. Shoulder length hair is flattering on all ages as well.

Layers, bangs, fringes, curls and waves are among the few styling options to play with your shoulder length hair. Next time when you decide to part with your long tresses, try these amazing shoulder length hairstyles and you will never regret your longer hair. You will be astonished to see the huge variety of options for shoulder length hair from sleek straight to curls and waves to choppy and layered hair. Read on to know more about the best hairstyles for shoulder length hair.

Stylish Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Sleek Locks

Super straight and sleek hair looks simple and elegant at shoulder levels. You can take center part or deep side part with side bangs which can actually accentuate your facial features.

sleek locks

A grown out bob can be styled into a layered lob. Highlights on the fringes or the tips can add a chic look to your straight and sleek mane. Ombre hair is another sexy way to show off your shoulder length hair on an off shoulder dress.

Curly Hairstyles

Create a bouncy look for your shoulder length curly hair with angled layers. The curls add volume and the layers add movement to your hairstyle making it look fresh and bouncy.

curly hair

Use your shoulder length curls to create a tapered cut towards the back with longer curls at the front which gradually taper to shorter curls at the back. Take out a small section from the fringes and soften them and secure them behind the ear to complete the look. Use hairspray to keep the curls in place and to avoid dryness and frizziness.

Wavy Hairstyles

A great way to perk up your style is by adding waves to your shoulder length hair. Add the curls from mid shaft area to the tips keeping the crown and fringe area smooth.

wavy hairs

If fringes are not your choice, then opt for side swept bangs which add charm to your beauty with those gorgeous waves. Waves are a perfect style for your boardroom meetings as well as fun filled weekends.

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Braids For Shoulder Length Hair

Braids add an instant touch of beauty to hair for all hair lengths including shoulder length hair. Various types of braids can be incorporated for your shoulder length hair.

Braids For Shoulder Length Hair

One easy way is to take a small section of hair from the front and weave it to a thin braid. Secure it as a headband. You can even French braid a section of hair on the top leaving an inch from the hairline and securing it at the back. A slightly complex braid would be a waterfall braid on one section of the parting.