Best And Popular Emo Hairstyles For Men

Best And Popular Emo Hairstyles For Men

Best And Popular Emo Hairstyles For Men Emo hairstyles became popular after the introduction of emo music culture that rooted in 1980s. It evolved as a fashionable music during the first 21st century. Emo music features a mixture of dark and shady emotions that were expressed by an emo singer. The influence of this music further bloomed into the fashion industry. This has gained a lot of popularity among the male and female population of the world.

They are especially very popular among the male as Emo hairstyles for men features spikes, short hair, side bangs and shimmering colors of highlighted hair.

Popular Emo Hairstyles for Men


The very popular look among male emo hairstyle is the one with fringes. The fringe can be included for the hair with long or short lengths. The hair should not be more than the length of the nape of the neck. The hair would be styled and fringed by straightening it.

Popular Emo Hairstyles For Men

The front hair would be longer with fringe on the sides while the half would be left to cover the one eye or would be left fully with fringes on the tip. These are the most preferred by the teenagers, college goers and other males who are interested to look different every now and then.


Another interesting Emo hair style is the hair spike at the back of the head. This is to balance the long hair on the front with a spike back.

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There are also freestyle types of Emo hair style that does not adhere to any of the emo rules and has a unique look of its own. The hair is cut into different lengths and ends with strengtheners and stylish products. One can make use of a firm hold spray to have spikes at all sides or have a complete flat look by using a hair gel.

Spicing Up Emo Hairstyles for Men

To have a full rocker look and feel, one can color the hair with black shade and highlight with other bold colors such as red, pink or blonde. The look can be spiced with medium bangs that are longer than the rest of the hair.

Best Emo Hairstyles for Men

This will not stand apart while styling back to the normal style but also can be used again when you try the Emo hairstyles for men. Another way one would love to highlight the bangs is with contrasting shades of bangs which offer a dramatic look.

Then there is a choppy style of emo look which would feature different lengths of hair in different heights. There would be no layering or a specific design to this. But it offers a cool look to any guy in his young age and also sports a cool attitude.

When it comes to opting for the colors to highlight any hair style, it ranges from pink, blonde, blue, purple, red and other shades which one might be interested. This hairstyle is the best one for short hair and medium hair types and offers a rebel and Gothic look to the men sporting them. It is best while flaunting it at any party or event to stay in style.

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