Best Formal Long Wavy Hairstyle

Key to a great looking hairstyle is the haircut and this is true when you have long wavy hair. If you are looking for a formal wavy hairstyle, check into the haircuts that are structured and layered.

This is the kind of hairstyle that you need to wear on formal occasions such as formal events and functions, wedding, or even prom. These hairstyles not only add style to your look but also add volume to the hair.

Top Long Wavy Hairstyle Options

Hairstyles for long hair can vary from soft layered looks to one length cuts. Though one can always create soft waves and curls with styling tools and products, layers work best with natural waves. Here are few of the best wavy hairstyles that work best with formal wear.

Highlighted Layered Hairstyle

Ask your stylist to cut your hair through the back and sides. Next, highlight the strands to enhance the movement of your long hair. A fantastic hairstyle for formal occasions, it can be easily recreated at home with the right tools and products.

layered Highlight Techniques For Long Hair

Best suited with round or oval face shape, start by applying hair mousse onto your wet hair which allows the hair to set and provide better results. Next, side part your hair to the left and comb straight up till you reach the hairline. Blow dry the damp hair while brushing the hair close to the nape while holding the dryer over the hair.

Repeat this till your hair is completely dry. Apply hair wax and pinch the hair ends to set the hair. End the styling by running a smoothening shine onto the mid-length of your hair. If you notice flyaways then apply hairspray. Also, do not forget to run your fingers to loosen up the waves, this prevents the hair from sticking together.

Halfway Up

Another great option for long length wavy hair, this adds volume and body to the hair. Start by backcombing the hair at the crown and pushing the hair back away from the face.

Half Up

Next, pull the hair at the sides and secure it with a pin. Spray the hair poof with a firm-holding hairspray. Lastly, spritz the hair with a wave-defining spray.

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This is again another great hairstyle option for long wavy hair. Start by parting the hair from the center, braiding it and gathering the section at one side of the temple.

Prom updo

Do the same with the other side of the hair and finish the styling by using a wave-defining spray that adds shine and texture to the hair.

Low Side Ponytail

Another great option is a side ponytail that can be tied on either the left or the right side. Before you secure the hair into the ponytail, spray a wave-defining spray.

low side ponytail

Once you have gathered the hair into a low side ponytail and then secure it on one side with an elastic hair band. In case the hair is sticking out and you want to smoothen the flyaways. One can also apply hairspray to prevent the hair from unraveling and making the look messy and informal.