Best Hair Colors For Your Skin Tone


Highlighting, low-lighting, streaking or full hair color, you always need to be cautious about whether it will suit your skin tone or not. Today there are various colors and shades available for different skin tones, choosing the right one should be a wise decision instead of following the trend blindly.

Determining your skin tone is the most essential step before you plan to get your hair colored as all hair colors might complement your skin tone. Moreover, the wrong shade cane make the skin look dull and dark. You may have white, fair, olive or dark complexion, usually divided as cool and warm skin tones. To determine your tone, simply look at the color of the veins underside of your wrist. If the veins are green, you belong to the warm skin shades, and cool if the color of veins is blue.

Hair Colors For Your Skin Tone

For Fair Skin Tones

To highlight the peach undertone of your skin, use pale shades for your hair. Strawberry blond, honey, and butterscotch hues are the right shades to brighten up white faces.

champagne hair color

For skin tones that are extremely whitish, use colors that have a hint of blue, like champagne, flaxen and platinum blonde to cast the soft glow on the skin, enhancing facial features. Remember, very similar shade of hair and skin will make facial features disappear, so choose a shade to complement your features too.

For Medium Skin Tones

Medium skin tones have a huge spectrum of colors to choose from. Besides full color, medium skin tones have the benefits of using highlights on the hair to add depth to the look. For cool medium shade, you can use shades of wheat blonde, sand, walnut blond and other varieties of ashy shades.

medium skin tone

For warm shades in medium skin tone use buttery tones like golden caramel, tawny blond or copper to add depth to the look. The darker your hair color, the more features will get enhanced. People with brown eyes should use a tone darker for the hair to add depth.

For Olive Tones

Olive tone lies midway between dark and medium skin, you can call this the very Indian wheatish complexion. Use of dark colors and light highlights is the most suited hair color for this skin color has been popular ever since.

brown hair color

Use of shades like rich brown, earthy, cinnamon, auburn, chestnut brown, mocha and deep colors with highlights of golden or honey work well to highlight the skin tone and add depth. It is also a good way to make scanty hair look voluminous.

For Dark Tones

The whole concept of hair coloring is to create a difference of shade between your skin and hair to highlight facial features. For dark complexions, this can be created by using colors that are either darker or lighter to the complexion.

espresso hair color

Ink black and espresso are the shades that can be used for cool complexions. On the other hand for warm dark complexions, use tones of toffee, mahogany, maple brown or other tones to highlight the apricot based undertones.