Best Hair Growth Exercises

hair growth One of the major problems that most people face today, especially females is hair loss. Even if you are trying lot of methods like diet, hair care and applying various hair packs, this problem never seems to improve a bit.

But now you can be assured of excellent hair growth with a few exercises for it as these exercises are designed to improve the blood circulation to the hair which helps in good oxygen supple to your head. Read this article to know about these hair growth exercises to eradicate the toxins from your body as it might be hindering  the growth of your hair.

Hair Growth Exercises For Women


This is a simple hair exercise that needs only a pair of good walking shoes. Begin this activity by walking 5 to 10 minutes a day and then proceed to 30 minutes every day.


Make sure that you follow this at least 5 times a day. You can walk either outdoors or indoors by using a treadmill. This will purify your systems in your body and regulates the blood levels in your body. This in turn regulates the oxygen flow in the blood that aids your hair to grow thick and long.

Scalp Exercises

Stand straight on a mat or the floor and bend to your front to reach the fingers on your legs. Knit your fingers together and keep your hands at the back of your head. Then move your hands up and down so that your scalp is activated.

scalp exercises

Follow this routine 5 minutes each day to prevent hair loss and help your hair to grow faster. You can also kneel down and bend your head forward until it meets your knees and massage the scalp by rubbing with your knuckles to induce the circulation in your scalp.

Water Exercises

These hair growth exercises are very effective for all hair problems that might hinder your hair growth. Practice water exercises like swimming as it helps to work out all your body muscles. This is the best choice to be practiced in moderate pace and in a vigorous way.


Begin swimming small laps that are comfortable for you. Swim the entire length of the pool and then rest for a couple of minutes. Then again swim to the starting point. Then take a break for 5 minutes and repeat if you wish to. You can do more with high speed and at lesser time.

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This is a low impact exercise that helps you to get a good share of fresh air, exciting scenery and access to different terrains but you can also use a stationary bike at home or at the gym. Begin your bicycling session on a flat road to get the hang of it and to relax your muscles.


As you get used to this, you can practice uphill bicycling or downhill bicycling. You can also perform with faster cycling ability to make it a rigorous workout. These hair growth exercises help you to promote blood circulation in the scalp and aids in hair growth.

Joyeeta Bose