Best Haircuts To Make You Look Younger

Age should never be seen as an obstruction to style and fashion. You cannot stop the growing age or the unwelcome symptoms it brings along but you can always make it disappear with the right attitude and look. Wearing the right haircut is important to defy the aging aspect.

Since women face various hair problems with age, it is important to choose haircuts that add volume, bounce and sheen to your hair and also complement the shape of your face. Here are some haircuts that might interest you to get away from aging symptoms.

Haircuts That Make You Look Younger

Short Layers With Bangs

Short layered look with the length up to the ear makes the cheeks look fuller giving a youthful appearance. This hairdo probably is more of a disguise than a genuine appearance.

Short Layers With Bangs

The layers give a fuller look to thin hair, and the bang helps cover up the forehead creases. Though beneficial, bangs should be worn with a caution, as it casts shadow on the eyes which might give an appearance of under eye dark circles.

Uneven U-Shape

This is a stray from the usual U shaped hair cut, which is more focused on the shape at the back. For an uneven U, the cut should be short at the front, up to the lower lip and the hair should be worn loose to give bounce and volume. A proper blow dry with strands falling across the face gives a soft and feminine look. You can also use hair gel on palm and a quick run over on the top to add sheen.

Shoulder Length Curls

Very curly hair for volume is unmanageable and gives an untidy look. For a youthful feel, limit those curls to the ends of the hair. Get an uneven shoulder length cut, keeping your hair an inch or two shorter at the front adding a little volume.

Shoulder Length Curls

For a soft and fuller look, add curls or perms that last for long on the lower portion of the hair that fall from the nape of the neck adding sensuousness to the appearance.

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Long And Straight

It is not necessary that shorter hair only does the age-defying magic. You can wear your hair long and voluminous and look young at the same time.

Long And Straight

Maintain your hair in a healthy condition with regular trims and do not tie up too tight a bun or a pony to expose a lot of face and skin. Layers best suit all major hair types and face shapes and thus is a good option. You can have long hair which is thinned and straightened at the ends.

The Frizzy Look

Wet looks are not only meant for teenage and mature women. It can suit you depending on the shape of your face and make you look young as well.

frizzy look

This is a short to medium length hair cut where styling plays a major role in getting the right appearance. Thin hair can be given the texture and bounce using the right styling elements just with a normal U or layered cut. Use spray and gels that give a wet look to your hair thus making a unique style statement.