Best Hairstyles For Senior Prom

Hairstyles For Senior PromAs students, we all wait for the prom night with baited breath. Even before the day arrives, we have big decisions to make – such as, the dress for the night, the accessories that you will wear, the purse or clutch that will suit your attire, and so on. In this checklist, always include short listing a hairstyle for the evening.

This is an important aspect of the evening and if you get it wrong no amount of good clothes and accessories can rescue you. So, be careful and check out for few of the best hairstyles for senior prom that can suit the occasion.

Popular Prom Hairstyle Ideas

Here is a list of hairstyles that are trendy, popular, and easy to make.

Silky Curls and Waves

If you want to keep it simple and yet eye-catching then there is nothing better and easier than the curls and waves that can shape your face. To get this look, all you need to do is to wash the hair and apply a texturizing hair product before blow-drying it to add texture and volume.

Next, dab a styling wax with your fingertips concentrating on the hair ends above the ear. With the wax, separate the hair into sections and roll them into a twist and secure it with a pin. Once you are happy with the texture, gently brush the hair to loosen the curls and give it shape.

Roman Ponytail

An easy hairstyle for prom, it is a diversion from the everyday ponytail which we all wear literally everyday. Getting the look is easy! All you need to do is to comb the hair back into a high ponytail. Comb it to smooth the bumps and then use a pomade to add shine to the hair.

hairstyle for prom


Next, tie a silk cord at the base of the pony leaving two strands at either side. To get the perfect Roman ponytail, one can simply criss cross these strands down to the length of the ponytail. To add extra volume, the best way to make the ponytail is to gently tug the hair with your fingers when you are sectioning the hair.

Sleek Twist

For a more elegant yet casual look, a twist with coils is highly recommended. To get this look, all you need to do is to blow dry the hair using a hair gel or cream to minimize frizziness. Next, make sections into the pigtails and twist the hair from the temples and work all the way back to the hair ends. Once this is done, you can secure the hair coils at the back of your head with hair pins. To complete the look, simply apply a shimmer spray and sparkle the evening with this ultra sleek twist.


For an easy yet defiant look, opt for crimps. This requires you to use a crimper and hair thickening spray that can hold the hair into its space without falling onto the face. To make it more manageable, opt not to crimp the front of the head. Once the crimping is done, use a brush to tease the hair and fluff it. To smooth the flyaways, use a hairspray.


Senior prom is the time when you can unleash your sophisticated side; hence, one of the best styles is a neat chignon that goes with all types of prom dresses and gowns.

Senior Prom Haircuts


To get this look, one can braid sections of hair at the hairline and secure it with elastic. Once the braids are tied, gather the rest of the hair and braid into a ponytail which can be twisted into a bun. Accessorizing it with clips along the braid is a great idea and end it with anti-frizz cream.

Double-Knotted Updo

If you want to stay away from the chignon because it looks too matured for a young girl like you, then try the double-knotted updo. All you need to do is to dampen the hair with a volumizing cream; then blow dry the hair for texture. Next, divide the hair and tie two ponytails – one above the other. Twist each pony and knot it together into a bun that can be accessorized with hair clip.

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This is one of the most common hairstyles among girls of all ages. To get this look, all you need to do is to create volume at the crown by using a curling iron and a volumizing spray. Next, tease the hair roots with a bristle brush and once you are satisfied with the volume then smooth the hair with a hair brush. To keep it from deflating, one can simply section the hair and secure it with pins at the back of the head.

Simple Loose Braid

Again, a popular everyday hairstyle, braids can also look great for a fun-filled occasion such as the prom night. Rub some gel onto the hair to keep the braids in shape.

Senior Prom Hairstyles


Next, secure a low ponytail and braid the hair by weaving the ribbon into the pony. Once done, loosely tug the hair braid to make it messy and loose. In case you do not have a ribbon then one can also use an old necklace and this can add zing to your look.

Spiral Cascade

Another casual prom hairstyle is a cascade that can be easily done by finger combing the hair with curly hair mousse. Once done dry the hair with a diffuser and divide the hair from ear to ear and gather into a high ponytail on the top of the crown to make it looks bouncy. You can always opt to keep it loose but using a satin headband can make your prom dress complete.

Ballerina Bun

Prom Hairstyles


A very popular hairstyle for senior proms, ballerina buns are perfect for prom gowns. To make this, one can simply pull the hair back into a tight pony that can be twisted into a high bun. Smooth the flyaways with a hairspray.

Twisted Bun

If buns are your choice of style, then one can also try to make a twisted bun that looks a little messy and perfect for senior proms. To get the look, one can simply part the hair on the left-side from the forehead to the crown. Use a texturizing spray and then roll the hair from the parting to form a tight twist.

Once the twist is clipped properly, make a low pony with the rest of the hair.  Twirling the sections of hair is important and the bun which you make has to be with twisted hair. Once the bun is made, twirl the remaining loose hair and wrap it under the bun and pin it underneath.

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