Best Hairstyles For Small Foreheads

Hairstyles For Small Foreheads

Hairstyles For Small Foreheads Finding a perfect hairstyle for small forehead is not as easy as it seems. The task for finding a hairstyle needs to be combined by a suitable haircut that not only hides your small forehead but also enhances your appearance. The article lists out the best hairstyles that accentuate your best features by downplaying the forehead.

Hairstyle Options for Small Forehead

Here are a few of the best hairstyles for people with small forehead; but as mentioned above, to get the perfect hairstyle one must combine it with the haircut. So, speak to your stylist regarding these and in time you will be able to get a look that is suitable for you.

Bangs or Fringes

Most individuals having small forehead already know this one! All you need to do is to get fringes or bangs that cover your forehead while framing the frame of your face. This is a great option but one must avoid getting this done if you have round face as this can make your face fuller. To style such bangs, one only needs a round brush to run over the length of the hair. This makes the hair smoother and in no time it can hide your problem with the forehead.

Side Sweep

Another great hairstyle that can hide your small forehead is to side sweep the hair, which accentuates the cheekbones. While sweeping the hair, make sure that you do not sweep it back but give it a side sweep that just rests above your eyebrows. These are great for all face shapes. To let it stay for the evening, always spray it with a hairspray.


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If you have short hair and small forehead, the best hairstyle is to spike it. If you are athletic, then this is again a very apt hairstyle. Try not to wear bangs because short hair bangs can draw attention to the forehead instead of removing the focus. While spiking, fluff it up with the fingers and create waves to make it more stylish and also to add volume to the hair.

Horizontal Chignon

To make things unique, twist a basic chignon horizontally. To make the perfect horizontal chignon, make a tight ponytail at the nape of the neck. Next, fold the ponytail and slide it vertically against the head. To keep it in place, use bobby pins and let the hair fall loosely onto the side of your face. By doing so, you create a rectangle shape that hides your small forehead.


Another great option that highlights your forehead without making it look small is a shaggy pixie. Consult with a stylist and get a pixie cut before you can style the hair to enhance the cut.

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To style such haircut, all you need to do is to use a claw clip with which you can style the front section of the hair. To style it separate the hair into sections and make a hair pouf and clip it with a bobby pin. This is a great everyday hairstyle that is perfect for people with small foreheads.