Best Looking Afro Hairstyles

One of the main concerns for African women is the curls that make it very difficult to embrace new styles. But that is hardly true! There are innumerable hairstyles for African hair that can be made to suit the occasion but the key is to know how to create an African hairstyle that will suit you and the occasion.

Afro Hairstyle Options

Though the best way to wear African hair is to keep it natural but there is no dearth of hairstyles. With proper care and styling, afro hair can be converted into a stylish style that will make an everlasting impression.


One of the most popular hairstyle for African hair is cornrows. Referred to braids created on the scalp, cornrows can be created in different patterns and either from crown to the nape or vice versa.

Cornrows hairstyles for women

To make it more fancy, one can also shave off the side of the hair and create a faux-hawk cornrow. Edgy and stylish, this is a prominent hairstyle that looks great on African hair. Alternatively, one can also create cornrows and loosen a part of the hair to offer it a bouncy look.

Bantu Knots

Irrespective of the hair texture, this is a great hairstyle option for African women. The key to this style is to keep it adequately moisturized before creating bantu or Zulu knots. To create it, equally part the hair into separate sections while oiling these sections.

Bantu Knots hairstyles for women

Once the hair is separated into sections, twist each section and then wrap each one of them around the other to form knots. One option is to create such knots throughout while another option is to unravel a few of the knots and create bouncy curls while knotting a part of the hair.


Another favorite among afro women, the afro puff is quite easy to create. All you need to do is to pull back the hair and create a loose ponytail. Once the hair is tied, start by braiding or twisting the hair and accessorizing it with hair beads.

Perfect for young Afro girls, create a puff at the front by lifting the hair and spraying a holding hairspray and pinning it with a bobby pin.

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To convert your afro hair to twists cannot be done without using a hair lotion. Hence, start by applying a lotion and then separating the hair into thick sections of approximately inch or more.

twists hairstyles for black women

Once you have sectioned the hair, create twists. Leave it on for some time before unraveling these twists and styling the curls. Loosen the hair with the fingers.

Pulled Back Updo

If you are looking for a hairstyle option that is suitable for a formal evening out then nothing can beat a neat updo. It is difficult to create one with the curls and thickness of African hair but that does not mean it is impossible.

Pulled Back Updo

All you need to do is to wash the hair and moisturize it on the day. Start the styling by using a hair lotion or serum that will tame the curls. Next, use a thick comb that will help flatten the hair surface while you comb back the hair into an updo. Pin the updo with pins and clips and to get rid of flyaways spritz the hair with a hair spray.