Best Poodle Haircut Styles


poodle Poodles are becoming more and more common nowadays with many pet owners wishing to own such a pet in their homes. Poodles are very intelligent, get easily trained and possess unique looks.

It is important for a poodle owner to know that in order to maintain the attractive and different looks of their pet, they must groom it on a regular basis so that the beauty and health of their pet stays as it is for a long time. You can choose from many haircut styles for your poodle depending on your personal choice and preference.

Best Poodle Haircut Styles

Puppy Clip

One of the most sought after haircut styles for poodles is the puppy clip in which the dog’s coat is kept long in length and the throat and the face are well shaven.

Puppy Clip

In this haircut, the foot is clearly visible as the tail’s base and the poodle’s feet are shaved well. One of the best features of this haircut is that the poodle’s hair is tied into a ponytail to give a complete and neat look.

Sporting Clip

The sporting clip is a common haircut for your poodle which involves shaving off the hair on the poodle’s feet, base of the tail, neck and face. A pompom is left at the tail’s end while the hair on the head’s top portion is shaped like a cap.

In order to achieve this haircut perfectly, you must cut the rest of the coat in a way that it is just 1 inch in size and follows the poodle’s body shape in a precise manner.

English Saddle Clip

In this popular poodle haircut, the tail’s base, forelegs, neck and the face is shaved. A round pompom is formed at the tail’s tip and the forelegs are puffed.

English Saddle Clip

The hair on the dog’s hindquarters is cut short while the hind legs are shaven closely. The remaining part of the poodle’s coat is shaved and shaped so that it complements the dog’s body. As is the case in most haircuts, the head’s top portion is tied into a ponytail.

Continental Clip

This haircut involves shaving the dog’s legs along with its feet, throat, face and the tail’s base. The hind legs are decorated by leaving circles of hair on them. The front leg wrists are given puffs which end near the feet.

Instead of the tail, pompoms may or may not be given on the hips spheres. In order to create a balance with the rest of the body, the coat is left long but trimmed into shape. This haircut looks extremely elegant and will change the looks of your poodle completely.

Pet Clip

In this haircut, a short trim is given to the whole body to get an even look. A pompom is either created on the tail of the poodle or around its wrists. These pompoms stand out due to the even cut throughout the poodle’s body.

pet clip

A ponytail is generally tied on the top of the head which is short in length. If you are looking for a simple cut in which you can easily care for the poodle’s coat, then this is just the haircut you should opt for.