Best Protein Treatment For Hair

woman with shiny hair Protein is the building block of all kinds of hair. Daily styling, applying styling products and environmental pollutants can rip moisture out of your hair and leave them dry. A protein treatment for hair can help you get back your lost moisture and shine; in fact it is the best way of doing it.Proteins smooth the roots and the cuticle of your hair, producing even features and much stronger hair.

Protein treatment for hair can be expensive at salons. As an alternative of purchasing those expensive treatments, you can prepare your own conditioner easily at home. Home-produced protein cures are all safe and with regular use you can get an everlasting result.

Best Protein Treatment for Hair

Protein Treatment With Eggs

Egg is one of the best foundations of protein for your hair treatment. These egg proteins and fat are very good natural moisturizers. The egg white contains enzymes that eat up the bacteria present on your scalp.

Egg For Hair

One or two eggs can be used to apply depending upon the length and the fatness of your hair. Mix the egg white and yolk well and apply it on your hair and scalp. Make sure to cover all of your hair and scalp with egg, wash after 20 minutes.

Protein Treatment With Yogurt

Milk products like yogurt and cream can treat your hair very well. Lactic acid of yogurt cleanses while its fat content moisturizes. Just, massage with 3-4 teaspoons of mixture of cream and yogurt. Let it work for 30 minutes then shampoo and condition your hair.

Effective Hair Treatments At Home

You can repeat this treatment every week, though, this treatment should be repeated monthly. Wash with lukewarm water and shampoo. If there is some unpleasant smell of yogurt left, mix some lemon juice in water to rinse it.

Protein Treatment With Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is prepared with the proper mixture of oil and egg. Hence it can moisturize your hair very well. Mayonnaise has very high-fat content which makes hair more moisturized and lesser prone to breakage.


Prepare a mixture of two tablespoons of mayonnaise and half mashed avocado in a bowl and make a cream. Use this homemade cream conditioner on your hair. Use a wide tooth comb for even distribution of the cream.

Protein Treatment Along With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil itself does not contain protein. These oils are prepared from the coconut’s flesh is heated at a certain temperature and then strained to prepare coconut oil. Using a sieve, the oil is easily separated from the flesh. The problem with coconut oil is that it hardens at a fairly low temperature, so a cool breeze can lead to stiffening of the hairs.

homemade remedy for dry hair

Coconut oil is preferred in hot and humid climates rather than in cold temperatures. Coconut oil can be mixed with egg protein and can be applied in the hair for best results.


There is no harm in trying protein treatment out if you want to. The wickedest thing that can occur is that you will have to wash your hair again. A protein treatment if done properly, can deliver great results. If you regularly use styling products and other cosmetics on your hair then a protein treatment could be very helpful.