Best Summer Hairstyles Which Look Cool On Men

Summer hairstyle for men Men are nowadays more concerned about their fashion, specially maintaining their distinctive haircuts. Hair has become a style statement for guys. They also imbibe variety of hairstyles in order to retain their attractiveness among girls.

As summer is just too unbearable, breaking the rule of keeping long hair to short crispy hairstyle will surely save you men from the hotness of the season. But one thing you have to know is how to stylize it in a better way to feel comfortable.

At the same time for the hairstylists to get your hair into nice shape in summer, you need to have input in the hair growth. Hence, the short hair cutting will look great on you, and will certainly appeal the young ladies. So with the full-on summer, you can try out a few of the best hairstyles this season and look yourself hot too!

Best Men’s Summer Hairstyle

Short Layer Cut

Many of the guys opt for short layer haircut. Actually anyone of any age or lifestyle can look absolutely good with this style. The hairstylist cuts your hair short by 2 inches on your entire head. To add a fine texture, you can paste bit of pomade (Woody’s Web product) by brushing it sideways. This style really appears super-cool on men.

Ivy League

A small hair cut known as Ivy League gives the guys a classic look, and such look can be stylized for office too, besides party. The hairstylist takes the number 4 blade and cuts the hair smoothly on the back and side of the head that is about one quarter-inch, and also at the neck nape.

Ivy League

Around the ears the hair is cut with nominal outlining. Slowly the hair on the crown is cut narrower giving it a minutest shape and moving towards the front side of the head the hair acquires a lengthy cut. After that you can mode your hair perfectly with adding a paste.

Buzz Cut

Simple to cut the buzz hairstyle, the hairstylist using a number 3 blade can cut short hair on the back, on the sides and finger-length. Few people like to own buzz cut on the sides, whereas much of the hair remains on the top.

The Crew Look Buzz Cut

Though you have curly hair or straight hair, or your hair is a bit too thick or too thin, buzz cut will be appropriate for your hair style. Hollywood actor Brad Pitt looks extremely dashing with his buzz cut.

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Military Haircut

Generally small boys to young guys to professional businessmen to military people can obtain this military cut especially meant for summer. Mainly the hairstylists go for ‘high and tight’ military haircut or ‘flat-top’ military haircut.

The haircut is applied on your head in such a way that they are cut rigidly at the back of neck and around the ears and all around. Every hair is sizably cut giving a round natural look and accurate in its place.

Short Curly Haircut

Men look awesome with their short curly haircut. This is a wonderful option to go short in summer as the hairstylist using number 4 blade clipper cuts pleasantly on the sides and backside too, whereas when they move towards the top, the length is kept in shape of two fingers size long.

short curly haircut

If you do not want your hair to move here and there, you can insert anti-fizz products, and to sustain with the curls serum or pomade will assist the hair finely. Of course this style will be retained when you go for usual trimming every 4 to 6 weeks.

Short Textured Haircut

Girls surely cannot resist themselves, than to glance at the guys with short textured haircut. This look is stylized superbly and they seem even more dashing. Those who have thick hair, this haircut look best on them.

The hairdresser cuts your hair small on the backside, sides and coming to the top the hair is kept a bit lengthy. For including the quality and producing the spiky upshots, you can utilize a styling gel on your hair and use a blow-dryer too.

Well summer is that time of the year where you want to be lively, yet be calm from this terrible hotness. You can experiment with the above summer haircuts as you can trim your hair, still looking dynamic this season!


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