Best Treatment For Gray Hair

Treatment For Gray Hair

Treatment For Gray Hair Beautiful hair is considered to be the most important element that plays a primary role in determining the beauty of a person. Hence, people would want to have beautiful hair and try to maintain it by following various ways. One of the common problems of hair is the appearance of gray hair.

Gray hair usually occurs in people after a certain age. People above 40 years of age, would usually encounter this problem. At the roots of the hair, there are follicles present that comprise a pigment which is called as melanin. This determines the colour of hair and helps in providing good colour to the hair.

When there is lack of melanin content, hair gradually turns out to be gray. Gray hair maybe caused to due to numerous problems like thyroid problem, lack of vitamin B12, too much stress and a lot more. People usually take the help of various artificial products to get rid of gray hair.

But this is sure to cause serious problems in the long run and hence, it would be better to go the natural way. Below mentioned are a few remedies which can be followed easily to get rid of gray hair. These are very easy to make and would provide you with positive results.

Treatments For Gray Hair

Coconut oil and Curry Leaves

Coconut oil is considered to be the greatest wonder for getting rid of gray hair. Because of its medicinal values, it is considered to be the best to provide you with healthy hair. Curry leaves mixed with coconut oil could be the best way to get rid of gray hair very soon. Fry curry leaves and make it very dry. Make a good powder of it and mix it to the coconut oil and boil it.

Coconut oil

Once it boils, cool it and filter the same to discard the powder. Retain only the coconut oil that has the essence of curry leaves. Store it in a bottle with a tight cap. This can be easily stored for many months. This can be used before every hair wash as it is known to provide good results and is also considered to be the best treatment for gray hair.

Henna and Tea Decoction

Usage of henna is considered to be one of the best treatments to get rid of gray hair and it also keeps the roots of your hair very cool and is considered to be the healthiest remedy for gray hair. Make a good thick paste of henna and mix tea decoction to it and keep it overnight.

The next morning apply it to the roots of your hair with a good brush and keep it for about 2 hours. Wash it away with cold water and do not use any soap/ shampoo this time. The next day, apply a little coconut oil to the roots of your hair and massage it well. Wash hair after 30 minutes with mild soap or shampoo. This helps in getting rid of gray hair very soon.

Coconut oil and Gooseberry

Gooseberry is known to be the best for treating gray hair and is very famous for this purpose since ages. Cut the gooseberries and dry it in sun till it gets dried completely. You may have to put it out for few days for them to get dried completely. Make a good powder of it and mix it with coconut oil and boil it.


After boiling it, cool it down and filter the same so that the gooseberry powder is discarded. Store the coconut oil in an air tight bottle and use it before every hair wash. This keeps your hair very healthy and makes it very beautiful by getting rid of the appearance of gray hair.

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Balanced Diet

Make sure to concentrate on the food you intake and consume the right food that would help you to get rid of gray hair. There should be proper balance between the vitamins, iron, copper and iodine you intake that is very necessary for the treatment of gray hair. Fruits, vegetables, fish, sprouts etc. are a few food items that have these content in them and hence it has to be consumed to the maximum. This helps in improving your health as well.

Consumption of Green Tea

green tea

Green tea is considered to the best medicine for your hair and helps in curing various problems related to hair. Apart from providing various solutions, it is also known to be extremely beneficial in preventing gray hair. Try to consume it regularly for the best results and very soon you’ll notice lot of positive changes.

Yogurt and Yeast

Mix a litre of yogurt with a teaspoon of yeast and keep it for about 1 hour. Consume this before every meal and continue it for few more days. This helps you to stay away from gray hair and is also considered to be a healthiest remedy.

Yogurt and Yeast

If a few tips of the above are followed you are sure to delay and get rid of gray hair as it would provide you with beautiful and long lasting hair. It would also keep the roots of your hair very strong. It is also very essential to avoid few foods like oily food, spicy food, junk food, soft drinks etc. Consumption of alcohol has to be necessarily avoided. Smoking also causes gray hair. Hence, it is very necessary to avoid it and try to follow a healthy diet.

The home remedies are considered to be the best for treating of gray hair as it would only be beneficial to you and does not have any kind of side-affects. When you follow such remedies make sure not to use any other product that would prove to be harmful for your hair. Hair dye, hair sprays, hair creams etc. have to be strictly avoided. It would be better to follow these tips at a very early age to avoid graying of hair in the future. Hence, it can also be followed as a precautionary measure to stay away from gray hair and also to look brilliant.

Get rid of gray hair and look amazing!


Priyanka Kamath