Best Wavy Perm Hairstyles

When you utter the word ‘perming’ you always associated it with harsh chemicals and styling tools. But things have changed considerably in the recent years and perming is no longer a tabooed subject. You can resort to perming techniques that use fewer chemicals and harsh techniques to allow you to have the perfect permed hairstyle.

Perm Hairstyles are not only about whole body of curls on your head but it is actually a combination of wavy ends and curled roots that are less damaging. These are great option for night outs and semi-formal occasions but one must be careful not to overdo it and visit a salon for maintenance of the permed wavy hair.

Permed Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Perms are usually considered the top option for people who have long and straight hair. But that is not true! You can have wavy hair and perm the hair for perfect wavy perm hairstyles that can compliments your look and dress.

Body Waves

If you have thin and limp wavy hair then this is a great option. It not only adds body to the hair but also makes it look textured. The best way to create the best perm look is to use large hair rollers that add shape and volume without only enhancing the curls.

Body Waves

Also, this hairstyle minimizes the chances of the hair becoming frizzy. Before you opt for the body wave hairstyle, make sure you resort to a daily routine of deep conditioning treatment on a weekly basis. Also, use hair products for permed hair, this allows you to prolong the look.

Loose Waves

Beachy Loose Wavy Hairstyles

If you do not want the perms to overpower your waves then wear your loose hair perm.  This basically means that you wear tight ringlets that accompany the loose and natural waves. Perm your hair in random sections for a more natural look.

Curly Perm

Another cool perm option that goes well with curls and wavy hair is a curly perm. To get this hairstyle, use different sized rollers onto your wavy hair.

Curly Perm

Once the rollwers have done the magic, your hair will look bouncy with different sized rolled and permed hair. Let the hair frame you face with your permed hair ends.

Smooth Perms

A more natural wavy permed hairstyle is smooth perms that can be achieved by styling your hair with perming tools and medium-hold hairspray. To create the look make your hair smooth by brushing the hair till it is smooth.

Once this is done, spritz a hairspray before using rollers to perm the hair. This style works for all length of hair but with wavy hair it can better.

Loose Up-Do

Loose Up-Do

Your wavy permed hair can also be pinned into a loose up-do for a perfect evening out. It works best for medium-length hair. To create the look, frame your hair with your natural waves.

Next brush the hair and secure the hair back into a low ponytail. Let a few bangs loose to frame your face. Once the ponytail is tied, flip it up and create an updo that you can wear at the back or at the side.