Best Ways to Grow Hair Back Naturally

hair growth There are various reasons for today’s generation to lose hair before time. The common reasons of hair loss are mainly hereditary, lack of essential vitamins in the body, improper sleep, pregnancy for women, stress and unhealthy habits of eating and proper cleansing of the scalp.

Though a difficult task, but the lost hair can be grown back with proper care. Keeping professional and chemical treatments as the last resort, here are a few things you can try to grow back your hair.

Tips To Grow Hair Back Naturally



Onions are an effective way to reduce hair fall and grow back the hair from the portions lost. Finely chop onions and mix with your regular mild shampoo. After 10 days this shampoo has the features to help re-growth of your hair. You can also apply onion juice to balding spots as it rejuvenates the follicles promoting re-growth of hair.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO) applied generously to spots of thinning hair and balding is excellent nourishment that promotes hair growth.

coconut oil

Thoroughly applied and left overnight followed by turban therapy and shampoo routine it shows results in about 4 weeks. It can also be taken internally for faster growth and strong hair.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil should be applied to balding spots and left for a short time before shampooing rejuvenates and refreshes the scalp. It aids in re-growth of thick and lustrous hair by clearing the scalp from blockages that might have occurred over time preventing growth of hair thus leading to thinning and hair fall.

Baking Soda And Lemon

baking soda and lemon

Two tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with half a teaspoon of edible baking soda can be consumed twice to three times a day to prevent hair fall and promote re-growth of hair. It can also be used as a treatment by applying small quantities of this mix to the scalp once or twice a week to cleanse the scalp of dry and dead skin.

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Green Tea

Dihydrotestosterone commonly known as DTH is a major cause of hair fall and hair loss. Consuming green tea reduces the levels of DTH in the body and aids in growth of hair.

green tea

Green tea can be a good replacement for regular milk and sugar tea that is usually consumed, if not, then having a cup of warm green tea before bed helps to grow the hair back and is also a detoxifier for the entire immune system.

Keep Hydrated

Keeping your system hydrated is an essential point in maintaining healthy body, skin and hair. Drink plenty of water, milk, juices and any form of healthy liquid to keep the system detoxified and healthy. What you eat shows on your appearance, therefore eat healthy. Water also has essential minerals to moisturize your hair, which is essential to grow hair back. Drinking up to 9 liters of liquid in a day is essential for a normal human being.

Reduce Stress


Thinning and reduces hairlines are a result of stress therefore do not stress yourself further. Aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, hair spas and massages are good ways to relax mind and body thus facilitating healthy and strong hair to grow. Maintain a balanced work and home routine and manage time efficiently, so that you can get time to maintain yourself.