Braided Hairstyles For Kids

Today’s generation is of smart and stylish kids who need novelty each day. From clothes, footwear and accessories to hair dos these kids need to look funky and cute all at the same time. Appearing good is a necessity for the kids today.

With mothers not having the time for fancy and complicated hair do for their kids, here are some easy and stylish braided hairstyles that can be made at the nick of time.

Attractive Braided Hairstyles For Kids

Stacked Braids

To make a neat stacked braid, make normal braid feathering out strands every time before you make a stitch down till the bottom of your hair. After doing the braid you will be left with the feathered strands.

Stacked Braids

Use this strands to make a Dutch braid on top of the original braid, giving it a stacked look. Loosen up the lower braid with a tail comb or finger tips so that it swells and looks distinct from the braid above.

Full Hair Rope Braid

Full hair rope braid is made by dividing entire hair from top to bottom into small equal sections of hair and then twisting it like a rope individually. This can be sealed at the end using elastic or beads.

The Rope Braid

It is a very trendy and fashionable look that makes the hair manageable for kids who have dense and fluffy hair. You can also do it till half section of hair and making a ponytail for the rest of it for a cute look.

Knotted Braid

For this French looking yet easy hairdo, all you have to do is make a side part in the hair and take two strands of medium thickness. Make a knot, not very tight that comes right above the ear and then merge the two strands into one. Take a third strand of equal thickness and keeping the directions the same, tie it to make a knot adjacent to the previous one. Repeat the process on both the sides and tie the rest of the hair to make a neat ponytail.

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Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid is an interesting twist to the normal braids. To make a fishtail raid, make two sections of hair, gathered at the back and take a small extreme left and right piece of hair and cross it over the entire section bringing both to the centre.

fishtail braid

Now take another strand from extreme left and right bottom and bring them to the centre. Repeat this process, alternating the sides till you reach the bottom where you can tie it with elastic.

Dutch Flower Braid

Part the hair on the left, start with a section on the right front and do it up in braids including strands from the left as you move down to the eyebrows. Thereafter pull the hair towards the back till you reach the top of the ear and then go straight across the back till you reach the centre, gradually including strands from the other side front of the parted hair.

dutch flower

Give an S-shape including hair from lower back. Make a regular inverse braid from the rest of the hair and twist to make a flower shape. Accessorize with real flowers or stone clips for a formal up do.