Busy Philipps Hairstyles


Busy Philipps is an American film actress who manages to look gorgeous by wearing a wide variety of hairstyles. All her hairstyles are charming and attractive. Media and her fans admire them. You can read this article to know about the hairstyles of Busy Philipps. They can be worn depending upon your face shape.

Busy Philipps Long Straight Hairstyle

The golden blonde hair of Busy look stunning in this style. Long layers are added to the hair in a jagged-cut shape. A braid is made at the top. This gives an excellent exposure to the facial features. You can create this style on a triangular, heart, oval and round-shaped face.

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Time required to make a hairstyle: 20 minutes

Busy Philipps Updo Hairstyle

This upstyle is fabulous. The hair are teased and pulled up. They are tied into a twisted bun. This hairstyle is quite simple to create. If you have a round-shaped face,then you must try this style. It will also look amazing on a heart, oval and triangular-shaped face. A small quantity of hairspray or shining serum is required to make the hair look shiny and healthy.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 30+ minutes

Busy Philipps Stylish Hairstyle

This hairstyle gives Busy an excellent look. Her hair are blow-waved to achieve a smooth texture. This glossy and straight look makes the hair look sexy and seductive. If you have long hair with fine to medium texture, then it is the ultimate choice for you. The hair are worn at a side to get an excellent definition. Split ends are prevented with the help of regular trims after every four to six weeks. This look will suit a triangular, oval, round and heart-shaped face.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 30 minutes

Busy Phillips Long Wavy Hairstyle

Busy looks marvelous in her light golden blonde hair. The ends of the hair are given a jagged cut to achieve a weightless finish. This provides bounce and movement to the waves. Highlights make this hairstyle look more appealing. You can maintain its shape with regular trims. This hairstyle will look fantastic on a round, triangular, heart and oval-shaped face.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 20 minutes

Busy Philipps Gorgeous Hairstyle

It is an excellent hairstyle. A layers cut is given to the hair to encourage movement and bounce. This is done to achieve an uncomplicated finish. If you have fine to medium hair, then you must try this look. Your hair will look healthy with regular trims. This style can be created on a heart, triangular, oval and round-shaped face.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 30 minutes

Busy Philipps Casual Hairstyle

This hairstyle makes Busy look beautiful. The section from the mid-lengths to ends is decorated with soft waves. This gives a lot of movement and style. You can wear it on hair that have a fine to medium texture. Regular trims are required to maintain the shape of the hairstyle. This style will look excellent on a round, triangular, oval and heart-shaped face.

Time required to make a hairstyle: 30 minutes

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