Cameron Diaz Hairstyle

This exclusive hairstyle of Cameron Diaz is perfect for wavy hair. It supports medium and long layers that are cut across the edges. A bounce has been added to the loose waves from the mid-lengths of the hair to the ends.

This hairstyle gives a sexy and exotic look. If your hair are of medium length and wavy, you must try out this hairdo. It will also look good on a round, triangular, heart, square and oval-shaped face.

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Styling Steps

1. Dampen your hair and apply some mousse. Distribute it evenly throughout your hair. Mousse helps in holding your hair for giving better results.+

2. You need to use a long radial brush for smoothing out the long, wavy and curly hair. The brush should have pure bristles so that your hair are protected from getting damaged.

3. Start blow-drying your hair from the back. Select a section of your hair and keep the brush under it. Hold the dryer above your hair and brush. Pull the brush till the mid-lengths and move the dryer along. Go to the ends and curve the hair under. Do this step again till the hair are completely dry.

4. Select a portion of your hair from the front so that you can blow-dry the sides. Form a consistent tension with the brush and pull them forward in a curving motion. This will add body to your hair. Move your hair-dryer along with the brush. When you reach the ends, simply curve them inside. Repeat this step till your hair become completely dry.

5. Take a portion of your hair and keep the brush at its roots. Blow-dry your hair and pull them towards the left simultaneously. Repeat the same till the hair are dry.

6. Repeat the above mentioned step and pull the hair towards the right side.

7. Adds curls to your hair by using a large hot roller. The roller gives body to the hair.

8. Take the complete back portion of your hair. Comb it properly. Take a small portion of your hair and wrap the ends of your hair in the hot rollers and roll it till your head. Fix it with a clip or a pin. Repeat it till you reach the back. Complete the entire section like this at the back. Let the rollers cool down.

9. Take a portion of your hair from the sides. You must remember that it should not be more than the width of the hot roller. Comb it properly. There should not be any knots in your hair. Follow the directions mentioned in Step No. 8 to add hot rollers to the sides of your hair.

10. Take some wax on your fingertips. Apply it at the ends and pinch them.

11. Apply smoothing shine from the mid-lengths to the ends. You must ensure that you do not apply it to your roots because the smoothing shine is heavy and weighs your hair down.

12. Add some finish to your hair by applying a hairspray. Do not use much because it might add some white residue to your hair.

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