Casual And Elegant Slicked Hairstyles

Slicked Hairstyles

Slicked Hairstyles If you have uncontrolled curly hair or it is too humid to let your hair loose, then one of the best ways to carry your hair is to slick it back. But there is an array of choices for people looking for slicked-back hairstyle and this often makes it difficult to decide.

So, check the article that lists out the popular slicked hairstyles that are stylish yet comfortable and easy to make. For a simple slicked-back hair, all you need is to take a tail comb and comb back the hair and end it with a hairspray.


Popular Slicked-Back Hairstyles

Sometimes the best hairstyle is the one that are easy to make. Few of such hairstyles are listed below:

Low Bun

The key to make a bun without flyaways damaging the look is to slick the hair and make a low bun that allows you to avoid loose hair. One can also apply hair gel onto the damp hair and slick back the hair using a fine-toothed comb. Next, coil the hair and tie it with an elastic hairband. To end it and make it more eye-catching, add hair accessories or a ribbon.

Back Pony

Another popular slicked-back hairstyle is a ponytail that is simple and easy to accomplish. To achieve the perfect slicked-back ponytail, one can start by adding gel to the damp hair.

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There are two options for brushing the hair- one is to pull back all hair and tie a tight ponytail at the back of the head; another option is to soften the look by pulling a few strands of the hair on the temple and create a side low ponytail. This can look easy on the eye and be very comfortable for a causal evening with friends and family.

Pony-Free Side Part

In case you have short hair then back pony is not an option. Instead, you can do side parting and sleek back the hair to get a carefree side part look. While doing so, always add hair gel while tucking the hair behind the ears. If you have curly hair then it is necessary that you blow dry your damp hair and straighten it before you slick back the hair with gel. One can also achieve the slick factor by pinning the hair with a bobby pin behind each ear.

Half Slick-Back

If you have straight long hair then half slick back is a good alternative. This is not possible with short hair; you need hair that at least reaches the shoulders. For the perfect hairstyle, one can blowout the hair and smoothen the texture.

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Next, add gel on to the hair and slick back the hair using a wide-toothed comb. After you have combed the hair, create soft waves using a curling iron. Let the curls cascade down while the crown is smoothened with gel.

Part Pin-Back

Pinning is a great way to get perfect-looking slicked back hairstyle. To make a perfect pinned back look, all you need to do is to keep the bangs out of your face and part the hair at the crown. Next, tease the sectioned hair and brush it backwards and start pinning it in place. This is a great option for people with curly and wavy hair.