Casual Curly Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair

Long Curly Hairstyles A number of people who have long curly hair complain of having trouble controlling and styling it. But most hair experts argue against such statements and claim that long and curly hair is extremely sexy and can be styled in innumerable ways, just like long, straight hair.

If you are one of the few blessed people who have a full body long, curly hair then thank your stars and check this article that offers you a list of hairstyles that are suitable for long curly tresses. But remember to combine your favored hairstyle with an equally fitting haircut that can make heads turn wherever you go.

Best Long Curly Hairstyles

If you have curly hair then one of the quick concerns is to handle the natural volume. Check the list of hairstyles below to understand how one can style one’s long and curly tresses to perfection.

Cascading Ponytail

One of the simplest curly hairdos is a ponytail. Of course, there are various ponytail options. For a party, one can opt for the cascading ponytail that is merely a full-bodied ponytail where the hair is secured on one side. To make this just sweep back the hair into a low ponytail behind an ear.

Curly Hairstyles For Women With Long Hair


Keep the hair effortless and loose and let the curls cascade over the shoulder. To make a more impressive statement, use a roller to add more volume and shape to the curls at the hair ends.

Textured Ponytail

As mentioned before, there are innumerable ponytail variations for women with long, curly hair. Another simple and casual ponytail variation is textured ponytail that has crimps and curls applied to a more traditional wavy style. Crimps can make your curly hair look even more voluminous and once you tie a ponytail loosely at the nape, you are sure to provide a look that is a headturner.

Simple Chignon

If you want to keep things simple for the evening then you can simply twist the curls into a low chignon leaving a few tresses to shape the face. If you want to keep the hairstyle neat then opt to make a ponytail instead of just twisting the hair into a chignon.

A ponytail allows one to give the chignon a little more body and texture. Lastly, pin the chignon into a position of your choice by using bobby pins and use a shine spray to add glamour to the hairstyle.

Lush Waves

Another simple curly hairstyle for long hair is to let the long hair flow down the shoulders. You can give the curls shape by applying a curl-enhancing mousse before using a blow dryer. To make it look different, one can simply iron out the bangs.

Messy Topknot

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Another carefree hairstyle option is to tie a topknot that can work well both for casual and formal events. Merely taking a few minutes to style, one can start by loosely pulling back and securing the curly hair into a high ponytail. Next, create a loose bun and pinning the knot with bobby pins. To make it look casual, manipulate the knot and let the bangs loose on the face.

Messy Chignon

Considered a pin-up hairstyle, it is a no effort style that basically depends on how you pull back the hair. To make a messy chignon, you can apply texture by using a curling iron and creating soft curls and giving shape to your natural curls.

Next, brush the hair with your fingers and create additional height to the crown by back brushing the hair. Once you are happy with the texture and the height of the hair, tie a low chignon on the nape with a few stray hairs escaping. This is key to a messy look.

Curly Bun

Another great hairstyle option is to make a bun that is simple and easy to wear. If you have small curls then add rollers and create texture that is required to create a large curly bun. Once you are happy with the artificial curls, brush them out with your fingers and make it look casual.

Half Up/Half Down

If you are still wondering how to wear your hair then check into the half up/half down hairstyle. This allows you to wear the tresses down, while also carrying a pin-up hairdo. To create this look, use a hair curler and add some extra medium sized curls for extra volume.

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Next, brush the curls gently before making two sections at the front and the back. With the top section hair make a high ponytail while allow a few strands to stay loose. Extra bangs can frame the face.

Partial Updo

One of the best hairstyle with curly hair is to wear a partial updo. To create this hairstyle, gather the hair at the front and sides into a high ponytail. Leave a few strands to hang loosely. Lastly, spritz the hair with gel that gives the hair a natural lift.

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