Casual Updo Long Straight Hairstyles

An updo is a great choice if you have long length and straight hair. It can be worn for formal occasions as well as casual events when you want to let your hair down; in short, the occasion can be any but updos are a great option if you are attending a casual or a formal event.

For casual occasions such as a party or night out with friends, casual updos can help you look fancy yet suit the occasion and the mood. There is a style for every mood and every style.

Top Casual Updos For Long Straight Hair

Long straight hair is extremely versatile and it offers you the opportunity to create styles of every kind. Though the choices are many, casual updos can be tricky because you can end up looking too fancy and formal if you style it too much.

Ballerina Bun

One of the classic updo options for long length straight hair is a ballerina bun. If you think that this is extremely formal and not casual-think again! Being one of the classic options, a ballerina bun can be easy to execute and can also look casual if you loosen the gathered hair and use bobby pins to secure the hair instead of elastic bands.

Prom Hairstyles

To create a casual looking ballerina bun, gather the hair gently at the nape and form a low and loose ponytail. Next, coil the hair in a circular motion and secure with pins. You can also divide your hair into different sections to create the coil of the bun.

French Twist

This is another classic option yet many do consider it to be too stylish to be included in the casual updo list of hairstyles for long straight hair. But that is not true! French braids are extremely popular and more and more young girls and teens opt for it for a long night out.

French Twist

To create the perfect looking French twist, start by brushing the hair back and then anchoring it on one side of the head with pins. Next, twist the hair into an inward coil that is loose. Lastly, use bobby pins to secure it at the skull. For a more casual approach, loosen a few tendrils out and frame your face with it.

Spiky Updo

Common among teens, this is a funky style that adds a twist to the traditional updo hairstyles. To create a perfect spiky updo, pile the hair at the top and use hair mousse to make your hair stand up at the center.

Spiky Updo

Once you are happy with the spikes, take the hair at the back and twist it into a low chignon. Key to the styling is the haircut, hence, visit a stylist and get a short cut down at the front that allows you to create the perfect spikes for this hair updo.

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Ponytail Updo

Perfect for long straight hair, create a high ponytail for this updo. Remember, you need to keep the ponytail hair unkempt for the casual look.

Ponytail Updo

Avoid using a gel, instead, lightly brush the ponytail into sections and use a curler to gently create rough ends. Fluff the curls using bobby pins and finish the look by setting the updo low and spritzing the hair with a spray.

Half Updos

Another great option is a half updo or half-dos. To make this popular hairstyle, start by pulling back half of the hair from the top of the head and securing it into a loose ponytail using bobby pins. Next, brush the hair that is loose and flowing down your shoulders.

Half Up

Create a half-do with the hair that is tied into a low ponytail by folding back the hair into a loose loop. Pin the loop at the nape and let it set well by spritzing it with a holding hairspray. Next, use a roller and make soft curls onto your straight hair let is cascade down as naturally as possible.