Causes And Home Remedies For Teenage Hair Loss

Hair loss Teenage hair loss is an issue of great concern! During teenage, everyone wants to look gorgeous! Hair is one of the most important beauty aspects during teenage. Any kind of problem with the hair during teenage can be quite devastating.

Hair loss during teenage can have a major harmful impact on the appearance of the young ones. In this article, we shall discuss about a few major causes of teenage hair loss and the home remedies to deal with the issue.

Causes Of Teenage Hair Loss


Teenagers are very conscious of their figure. In order to maintain proper figure, they go on crash dieting, which deprives the body of the nutrients, consequently resulting in various health related problems, with hair loss being one of them.

Stress And Inadequate Sleep

Cause of teenage hair loss

Inadequate sleep and stress are the two major causes of teenage hair loss. Teenagers who do not sleep properly at night and always remain stressed and tensed are at the risk of being affected by severe hair loss.

Acne Medications

Hair loss in teenagers can also occur due to acne medications. Most of the pills prescribed to teenagers affected by acne are enriched with chemicals, which have hair loss as one of the side effects.

Lack Of Hair Care

Teenagers who do not take proper care of their hair often suffer from hair loss. Use of inappropriate shampoo and conditioner, excessive exposure of the hair to heat and use of chemically enriched hair styling products are the major contributing factors towards teenage hair loss.

Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Healthy Diet

First of all, teenagers should pay special attention to their diet. They should incorporate all kinds of healthy food products in their diet, so that the hair obtains the required nutrition for growing in a proper and healthy manner.

Teenage hair loss

The best food products for promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss include fish, nuts, milk, soybean, green vegetables and fresh fruits. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants contained in these food products would definitely boost up the hair growth process.

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Get Rid Of Stress And Tension

Stress takes a major toll on the health of the hair. In order to reduce teenage hair loss, it is very important to remain away from tension and stress. Yoga and meditation are very good stress relieving techniques to remain away from stress.

Proper Sleep

Home remedies for hair loss

A proper sleep at night for around 7-8 hours is very important to allow the hair to remain in good health. This would automatically help in reducing hair loss.

Proper Hair Care

Teenagers should take proper care of the hair if they want their hair lo look healthy and beautiful. They should make use of shampoo and conditioner which suit their hair type.  Use of chemical treatments on the hair, like hair perming and hair coloring, should be avoided altogether to reduce hair loss. Further, teenagers should avoid exposure of the hair to heat generated from the sun and hair styling equipments like blow dryer and flat iron.