Causes Of Hair Falling Out In Clumps


Hair fall cure Hair fall is no doubt a serious issue! An individual suffering from the problem of hair loss goes into extreme stress. This even worsens the situation. Instead of taking stress on the issue of hair loss, it is advised to look out for effective solutions to deal with the problem.

But before that, it is more important to learn about the causes of hair fall. In a few people, hair fall might not be that severe. However, few people might see their hair falling out in clumps.

This issue is of grave concern and should not be ignored. In this article, we shall explain you a few causes of hair falling out in clumps.

Reasons Of Hair Falling Out In Clumps

Poor Nutrition

One of the common causes of hair fall is poor diet. A diet plan which does not include all the vital nutrients is surely going to have a harmful impact on the health of your overall body, including the hair.

People who focus more on the intake of junk foods and processed foods are surely going to witness the problem of hair loss. Lack of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the regular diet has a detrimental impact on the health of the hair.

Lack Of Hair Care

An individual who does not take proper care of his or her hair is surely going to face hair fall issue. Combing the hair when wet might cause severe hair fall. Vigorously rubbing the hair with a towel immediately after the hair washing process might also result in abundant hair loss.

Causes of hair fall

Use of wrong hair care products is another contributing factor towards hair falling out in clumps. Tight hair styles also have a damaging impact on the health of the hair, and might cause hair to fall in clumps.

Exposure Of The Hair To Heat

Heat is not at all good for the hair. The hair gets dry and brittle due to regular exposure to heat generated from hair styling equipments like blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron and hot rollers.

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These equipments are very harmful for the health of the hair and cause hair loss. Natural moisture from the hair is lost due to continuous exposure to heat generating styling equipments, consequently making the dry and weak. This eventually causes hair loss.


Causes of hair fall

Both physical and emotional stress have detrimental impact on health of the hair. People who do not practice yoga and meditation in regular life always remain tensed and stressed and have various health related problems. Hair loss is one of them.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

People following an unhealthy lifestyle, which includes alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking, often complain of several health related issues. Hair loss is one of the major health related concerns associated with unhealthy lifestyle. There is lack of blood flow in the scalp and the entire body due to tobacco smoking, which causes hair loss. Also, the scalp is deprived of the essential nutrients due to alcohol consumption, which eventually results in hair fall.