Causes Of Losing Hair

Causes For Hair Loss It is of no doubt that all the people lose hair because of regular showering and styling. However, if the number of hair strands falling every day exceeds 60-80 strands, it is known as hair loss, which is an issue of great concern.

Hair loss is a problem which can be faced by both men and women. The problem puts an individual in great stress and tension. Hair loss may occur due to several reasons. This article basically focuses on a few common causes of losing hair.

Various Reasons For Hair Loss

A few noteworthy causes of hair loss are discussed as follows:

Use Of Inadequate Hair Care Products

It is quite likely that you may be using the shampoo and conditioner that is not appropriate for your hair type. The hair usually becomes rough and weak due to use of products which are specifically not made for your hair type. Choice of wrong hair care products is one of the major reasons behind losing hair.

Excessive Hair Brushing

Causes for hair loss

Brushing the hair quite often during the day causes hair loss. The hair strands become weak due to frequent brushing, consequently causing hair fall.

Washing The Hair Frequently

You may face the problem of losing hair due to regular hair washing. People who wash the hair daily normally have a dry scalp. Dry scalp makes the hair dry and weak, thus resulting in hair loss.

Rubbing The Hair Vigorously

Causes for hair loss

Rubbing the hair in a vigorous manner with a towel after the hair washing process is one of the causes of losing hair.

Genetic Disorder

In some people hair loss may be a cause of genetic disorder, and may be hereditary, of which you can possibly do nothing.

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Exposure Of The Hair To Heat

Exposing the hair to heat is very risky for the health of the hair. The hair becomes dry, rough and brittle due to regular exposure to heat.  The heat generated from both sun and hair styling equipments is harmful for the health of the hair. The ultra violet rays of the sun make the hair dry and rough. The heat from hair styling equipments causes loss of natural moisture from the hair, thus making the hair rough and brittle. Hair loss is the major drawback associated with heat from sun and styling equipments.

Improper Nutrition

Causes of hair loss

One of the major causes of losing hair is following an improper diet plan. People who do not follow a healthy diet plan are at the risk of being affected by various health related disorders, with hair loss being one of them. Excessive intake of junk foods and processed foods has a major toll on the health of not only hair but overall body.

Lack Of Blood Circulation In The Scalp

People who do not understand the importance of regular warm oil scalp massage often complain of hair loss as one of the health related issues. Irregular scalp massage disrupts the flow of blood in the scalp. Improper blood flow in the scalp does not allow the hair follicles to produce more hair, and causes hair loss.