Causes Of Permanent Hair Loss


Causes Of Permanent hair lossOnly those people who are losing hair can understand how it feels. Loosing hair not only affects your look, but it affects your psychological structure too. There are mainly two types of hair loss – one is temporary and another is permanent. If you are suffering from a temporary hair loss then there is not a big reason to worry. You take the proper treatment and will gain your hair back very soon.

What If It Is A Permanent Hair Loss?

Things really get bitter when you get to know that you are suffering from a permanent hair loss. There are some causes of permanent hair loss which are not curable at all. Well, there are some other causes too where you really need to do something and get rid of this problem. Although, in some cases, it is not curable, but what you can do is to reduce the rate of hair loss by taking the required measures.

In comparison to temporary hair loss, there are not too many causes of permanent hair loss. Here are some of the primary causes of the latter,

Reasons For Hair Loss

Hereditary Causes

Some people start losing hair due to some genetic reasons. As of now, you can’t overcome the hereditary causes. The substance due to which you lose hair permanently is called DHT. Every day, a normal person on an average looses at least a hundred pieces of hair. And to overcome this, equal number of hair also grows up in your scalp. In case of a permanent hair loss due to hereditary reasons, the DHT element blocks the hair follicles from producing new hairs. As a result you start losing your hair and finally you may reach a state of baldness, which is the extreme case though.

Lack Of Proper Nutrition

Except the hereditary causes, all the other causes are environmentally induced ones, where you do have some scopes to overcome the danger of permanent hair loss. And one of these major causes is insufficient nutrition.

Lack Of Nutrition

Nutrients like proteins, vitamins, copper, iron, zinc etc. are very much essential for the proper growth of hair. If your hair lacks to receive these nutrients in adequate amount consistently, you may start facing the problem of losing hair permanently.

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Stress Is Another Cause

Being in a stressed situation for a long time can also cause permanent hair loss. Due the stress, the volume of your blood vessels gets reduced. And, because of this, it can’t pass enough blood to the hair follicles. The blood carries the essential nutrients required for good health of hair. Failure to supply enough blood to the follicles normally causes temporary hair loss only. However, continuous stress can make you lose your hair permanently too.

Hair Style Matters

Applying different types of chemicals to your hair can sometimes damage the scalp and you may lose your hair permanently. The best solution here is to avoid trying those harmful chemicals and adopt organic products only.

Combing your hair in a particular direction, for a long time, may also make your hair loose permanently. You can overcome this difficulty by trying new hair styles in a regular period and comb them differently. It will also help you reduce your permanent hair fall problems.