Causes Of Premature Hair Loss Among Women

Natural Remedies For Dealing With Hair Loss

premature hair loss Though losing 50 to 100 hairs every day is normal, losing too much hair at a young age can lead to premature hair loss. Women are more prone to this condition owing to many changes within their body. This can hinder the self-confidence of women and affect their personal lives greatly.

Hair plays a vital role in making a female beautiful.  There is hardly any woman in this planet who dose not want to have lustrous locks.  However, all eh women are not lucky to have it. Are you losing too much hair recently? Yes! Then it is essential for you to make note of several causes that can lead to this condition so that you can prevent it before it is too late as well as find a proper cure of it.

Causes Of Premature Hair Loss

Lots of Stress


Stress can have a disastrous effect on your tresses as it hinders with the normal working condition of your body. It would trigger sleeplessness, induce depression, raise the levels of cortisol, trigger weight gain and make your scalp weaker. If you try to eradicate the situation that causes lots of stress, this hair loss can be curbed effectively.

Malnourished Diet

When you intake foods that have less or no nutritious value like the junk foods, it might lead to premature hair loss. Your hair needs foods rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as it helps it to grow stronger.

leafy vegetables

So taking food prepared with fresh vegetables, lettuce or meat is essential for hair to stay stronger in the shaft. If you are following a crash diet then it would also deprive your body of the much needed nutrients and cause deficiency of Vitamin A, iron etc.

Excess Traction of Hair

If you have the habit of tying your hair into a ponytail, bun or cornrows regularly, it would make you pull your hair tightly to get the hairstyle right. When constant traction is applied on your hair, it will cause excess stress on the hair forcing it to fall.


This condition of premature hair loss is called as the traction alopecia. This is usual among Afro American women and kids, as they love to style their hair by tying tightly which would lead to permanent loss of hair if not stopped immediately.

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Hormonal Imbalances

Hormones play a vital role in causing premature hair loss among women. This will be usual during pregnancy or during puberty when the hormones are at its peak. These hormones can also lead to an imbalance in the thyroid levels making it underactive or overactive. This would also cause an imbalance among the levels of estrogen and androgen, which can lead to loss of hair at a younger age.

Effects of Medicines


If you are taking medicines for certain medical conditions like depression, gouts, cancer and blood clots such as antidepressants, drugs of chemotherapy, contraceptives and other medicines, it might cause hair loss as side effects. You can seek the advice of your doctor to curb this side effect and have good hair.

Infections And Diseases

Some scalp diseases or infections such as tinea capitis caused by ringworm. This generally affects younger girls and the hair fall will cause baldness sin shape of the rings. Sometimes, diabetes and lupus are also capable of causing premature hair loss.

Joyeeta Bose