Causes Of Scarring Alopecia


Scarring Alopecia Scarring Alopecia is also known as cicatricial alopecia, which is a medical condition that has the ability to destroy the sebaceous glands, and the follicles of hair present at the second layers of your skin, which would lead to permanent hair loss.

This medical condition arises owing to a number of reasons such as genetical factors, imbalance in the hormones, deficiency of nutrients, skin disorders and anxiety. This type of permanent hair loss occurs with various degrees of severity. Thus, you should know how and when this condition can occur.  This article will help you know more about the various causes that lead to this condition.

Causes Of Scarring Alopecia

If You Are Affected By Second Degree Burns

The second layer of your skin is called as the dermis that has all hair follicles in it which is responsible for your hair growth. When these hair follicles are damaged while the scarred tissues are replaced, this will lead to permanent loss of hair in the region.

Sometimes, outbreak of fire caused by chemicals, excess radiation, flammable materials and hot metal can lead to Scarring Alopecia. The burns that reach the second layer of the skin are termed as second degree burns by medical professionals.

Occurrence Of Lichen Planopilaris On The Scalp

Lichen Planopilaris is a variation of skin disease known as lichen planus that occurs usually in the scalp. Though the origin is unknown, this condition is considered as an outcome of stress, autoimmune syndrome or genetic disorder.

Lichen Planopilaris On The Scalp

This is common among people who are middle aged and it is often featured along with inflammation and bald patches that leads to scarring when the condition is not treated for long time.

Occurrence Of Lupus Erythematosus On The Skin

This condition is widely known as lupus and is one of the main causes of Scarring Alopecia. This is a disease that has a genetic condition that causes inflammation on the skin and can sometimes lead to a reddish look. This condition usually occurs in your face and neck.

Lupus Erythematosus On The Skin

This might be aggravated due to the UV rays of the sun, as these rays can be highly irritating. Exposure to sun’s rays would also lead to lots of hair loss. Before scarring occurs in the affected region, red patches or bumps would be visible for some days.

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Occurrence Of Fungal Or Bacterial Infections

When you have an infection on your scalp that is left untreated for long intervals of time, it can result in scarring alopecia. This is because having prolonged scalp infection would cause severe damage to the stem cells of hair and the sebaceous glands or oil glands present in the second layer of the skin. The most occurring infections are caused by ringworm, which can be averted if treated earlier without letting it to scar the tissues in the scalp.

Fungus infections

Sometimes, infections caused by yeast would also spread in a random way across the scalp leading to permanent hair loss owing to scarring. Be aware of these infections as most of the infections caused by the bacteria or fungi would be visible as a small pimple initially and later would cause inflammation and then spread. Seek the advice of the doctor if you notice unusual infection with inflammation to safeguard from this condition.


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