Chic And Trendy Bob Hairstyles


Bob Hairstyles Ideas Ask anyone – Which is one hairstyle that has survived decades and is still popular among the masses, and the resounding answer would be bob hairstyle. One can trace it back to the 1920s when the style was considered a sign of rebellious attitude and worn by women who wanted to go against the norms of society.

Things have changed and today bob hairstyle is probably considered a sign of versatility and style. Worn by numerous celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, bob haircut and style is one of the most popular styles mainly because this is a style that can be customized to suit every shape of face.

Different Types of Bob Hairstyles

There is a style to match the whims and fancies of everyone.

Blunt Bob

This is probably the most common of the options and looks good with hair that falls just below the chin. There are variations in such a hairstyle and one can opt for either layers or bangs which can heavily impact the look and feel of the style.

Chic And Trendy Bob Hairstyles


One can also style it differently by using a hair mousse and blow dryer to make it look curly, messy, and add more texture to the hair. Also, many youngsters prefer wearing a headband that gives it a fun appearance.

Retro Bob

For a perfect retro feel, one must blow dry the hair and flip the ends outwards. Follow it up with a curling iron that can set the curls at the hair ends. For a more elegant evening display, spritz the hair with a spray and smoothen the flyaways. This hairstyle works well with hair accessories such as hairbands and hair clips.

Asymmetrical Bob

bob hairstyles ideas


Made famous by renowned singer Rihanna, it is an edgy style that adds oomph to your personality. Lopsided on one side, the asymmetrical style works well even if one wears it straight or has layers to add volume to the hair.

A-Line Bob

Do you have straight hair and are looking to style then A-line Bob like Uma Thurman could be a great alternative. The straight bangs make this hairstyle different from other bob hairstyles; of course you can make modifications to the already famous hairstyle and cut the hair longer in the front to show off the nape.

Crimped Bob

If you want to stand apart from the crowd, then a crimped bob is a great option. To get this look, all one needs is a crimping iron and blow dryer that is used on washed hair. Before you style, make sure that you condition the strands to avoid damaging the hair texture from the styling products and tools. Once you have crimped the hair with the iron, blow dry it to loosen the crimps and to make it look more natural and flattering.

Jagged Bob

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For a more striking appearance, a bob hairstyle with jags and spikes is a good choice. Check with your stylist and cut the bob high at the back and keep the front short with jagged or razor edges. This is a great style for people who want to shape their face. One can also add extra volume at the front of the hair to highlight the edges.

Wavy Bob

If you thought that bob was not for wavy hair, then think again! Girls with wavy hair can simply look amazing with a bob hairstyle. The key is to have a stylist who knows how to shape the hair. Consult and cut the hair into sharp layers. Once you are satisfied with the cut, style it by applying frizz controlling gel on to the hair. Scrunch the hair as soon as it dries up and then blow dry on a low setting.

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