Chinese Hair Care Tips Exposed

Chinese Hair Care Tips

Chinese Hair Care TipsChinese are the blessed few in the world who are adorned with luxurious, soft and finer black hair. It is true that a range of factors such as their lifestyle, eating habits, diet etc. and a host of other factors help them in having gorgeous tresses. But there are some best kept secrets that also help them in having amazing hair.

Asian beauties adhere to a beauty regimen that is deeply rooted in tradition. This article is an attempt to explore some of these Chinese hair care tips and secrets behind the sleek and shiny hair of Chinese people.

Top 5 Chinese Hair Care Tips

Rich and shiny hair is indeed essential to make a statement to the world. Chinese hair care tips will enable you to get the key to unlock the world of lustrous thick black locks.

Camelia Oil

Camelia is a very popular skin and hair nourishing oil widely used by the Chinese. This luxurious hair care formula is obtained by cold pressing seeds of the Camellia flower. The oil is beneficial in growing healthy hair thanks to its ability to easily penetrate skin without clogging pores. The oil will wonderfully nourish and smooth the hair fiber, protecting it and preventing it from drying out.

Camelia oil

Loaded with omega-9 fatty acids, polyphenols, vitamin E, plant collagen and proteins, camellia oil offers deep nutrition and moisture to the hair follicles. It also helps to maintain the lipid balance of the hair fiber. The essential fatty acids give a supple and velvety feel to the hair without imparting any greasy touch. The enticing herbal aroma of the oil will add a special fragrance to your hair.

Herbal Tea Rinse

Herbal Tea is excellent in giving an ultimate rinse to hair. Chinese women are addicted to herbal tea of different varieties. They not only drink these teas, but also use it for external application. This sensational hair rinse with herbal tea will effectively fight free radical attacks and promote healthy hair growth. Jasmine tea, green tea, lavender tea etc. can be used to wash hair. The natural ingredients in herbal tea offer a defensive casing to the hair cuticles and promote healthy hair growth. Vitamins in herbal tea nourish hair and soothe scalp. These teas also offer natural and amazing fragrance to the hair. A few tea bags can be boiled in sufficient quantity of water. The water can be used, once it cools down.

Top 5 Natural Hair Care Tips
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Hair Steaming

Hair steaming is the one of the best kept secrets behind Chinese hair that is so velvety and shiny. Steaming the hair acts as a natural hair growth enhancer. Sitting under a good quality hair steamer for one hour is essential to open the hair follicles and unclog closed pores.

Hair Steaming

It will also help in promoting the hair nourishing ingredients to seep easily into the hair. Ensure to finish hair steaming treatment with a good quality acid-balanced conditioner and cool water rinse.


Chinese men and women put their trust greatly on ancient Chinese herbs. There are many valuable herbs that help in growing back lost hair and in restoring the natural color of hair.

Ginko Biloba

Chinese Angelica and gingko biloba are important herbs that enjoy wide popularity among the Chinese. These herbs have a huge potential in reversing hair loss. Taking these herbal preparations both internally and eternally are known to give amazing results.

Conditioning Hair In The Most Natural Way

Chinese women are addicted to creamy conditioning of their hair using natural ingredients. A sort of gooey preparation will be run with fingers all over the hair strands.

Natural hair conditioning cream

A good massage with the creamy stuff will stimulate the scalp and the hair follicles resulting in soft and strong hair strands. Natural hair conditioning cream is prepared by using the extracts of carrot, henna, avocado, ginseng, celery, aloe vera, seaweed, candlenut and egg.

Natural black hair that shimmers with health and vitality is the trademark of Chinese people. Now with these Chinese hair care secrets revealed, you can also hope to attain hair that shines like a black pearl.