Choppy Layered Hairstyles


Do you wish to sport a haircut which is a shift from your boring and dull hairstyle? Go for a trendy choppy hairstyle! This hairstyle is not only fun to sport but it is extremely easy to accomplish as well. This happening trend can be worn long, medium or short, and hence is a super versatile hairstyle.

Sporting a fashionable hairstyle plays a very important part in one’s physical appearance; hence it is imperative that you should take fine care of your locks. Here are four super creative choppy layered hairstyles which can make you look and feel fabulous this season. 

Choppy Layered Hairstyles For Girls

The Cascading Curled Choppy Layers 

The cascading curled choppy layers is the most graceful hairstyle one could sport in a choppy layered hairstyle. To get this look, your hair should be cut in long choppy layers so that it gives a sophisticated appearance. These layers can also be overlapping in nature to give the layers a softer look. Now detangle your hair using a wide toothed comb and comb it gently to prevent excessive breakage of hair.

The Cascading Curled Choppy Layers

Once the hair has been carefully detangled, take the hair and divide it into several sections. Blow-dry the hair using a round paddle brush to get a smooth and wavy look. Now take a heated curling iron and curl the ends of the hair to get straight curls. Hence, your cascading curled choppy layered look is complete. You can then apply a good strong hold hairspray to hold the locks together. 

The Fine Edgy Choppy Layers

The fine edgy choppy layered look is a look for those who wish to sport their bolder side. In this look the hair is straightened using a heated straightener by dividing the hair into several sections.

Fine Edgy Choppy Layers

As the hair has already been cut in straight choppy layers, the straightened hair adds to the edginess of the choppy layers and helps in making the layers sharp, straight and visible. You can also pair these layers with a straight blunt fringe or a straight side fringe to dramatize the look. Apply a little bit of serum to your hair to make the hair glossy. 

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The Tapering Choppy Layered Bob 

The tapering choppy layered bob is a very modern bob where the hair is layered and is cut in an asymmetrical fashion to get a tapering bob. You can get your hair cut long and tapering in the front and razor cut and short at the back. Once completed, the hair can be straightened to get a sleek and straight bob.

Tapering Choppy Layered Bob

This bob is very classy and is a popular choice among women today. You can sport this bob in both formal and casual functions. This bob is easy to maintain as well for you just need to get the bob trimmed from time to time if you want to maintain the length of the bob. Complete the look by applying serum to add shine to the bob. 

The Emo Choppy Layered Bob 

Emo Choppy Layered Bob

The emo choppy layered bob is a bold and edgy hairstyle. In this hairstyle, the hair is super straight and sleek and is cut in short sharp layers at the top to get a puffed up look and in long but defined layers towards the ends to get a tapering look.