Common Types Of Hormone Imbalance And Hair Loss

Common Types Of Hormone Imbalance And Hair Loss

Common Types Of Hormone Imbalance And Hair Loss There are a lot of factors that cause hair loss but most of us assume that hair loss has been caused because of lack of proper diet, nutrition, wrong hair products, etc. But it has been seen that at least one out of every six women, suffers from hair loss because of hormone imbalance. In such cases one experiences drastic hair loss, which is usually overall rather than being patchy. But it may be either way, depending on the kind of imbalance.

Alopecia is the term used for defining any kind of sudden hair loss and this usually holds true for loss of hair because of imbalance in the hormones. It is a general concept that hair grows about a quarter of inch every month, which continues for about 6 years. Then it falls and another hair takes its place. But hormones wreck this balance and here are the top hormones, which do cause drastic loss of hair.

Common Types Of Hormone Imbalance And Hair Loss 

Thyroid Hormone

The thyroid hormone is one of the major causes of loss of hair. As per experts a fluctuation in this hormone means that you will experience drastic loss of hair. Low levels of thyroids are the major cause of hair loss.

Thyroid Hormones

Since this hormone is also responsible for metabolism along with production of hair, the speed of the cells is drastically altered. This alteration in the speed of cells simply means that the body prevents growth of hair. As a result of this, not only is the rate of growth slowed down, but the hair too tends to get thinner.

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Testosterone Imbalance

This kind of imbalance has been seen frequently in older ladies where this hair producing hormone in the body tends to produce very little of the hormone, leading to loss of hair. This type of hair loss is more gradual. Estrogen along with testosterone is responsible for balancing the production of DHT. But when one goes haywire, the other too starts showing similar signs and hence results in loss of hair.

Stress Hormone

The stress hormone or the cortisol is vital for fighting different kinds of infection in the body. It has been seen that this hormone is produced and secreted in the adrenal glands and is responsible for insulin release along with glucose metabolism.

Stress can cause hair loss

The levels of stress rising means that this hormone becomes overactive. As the levels of stress continue to remain high, it simply results in excessive loss of hair. This means gradual hair loss, which continues to happen until the stress levels go down.

Other Factors

Apart from the above, it has been seen that a lot of other kinds of hormonal imbalances do take place in the body. Some of these are factors that are temporary like pregnancy or even menopause. But then there are others like medical conditions or intensive therapies like chemotherapy, which totally throw all kinds of hormones for a toss and create havoc. In such cases, hormones, which are not responsible for hair loss may induce hair fall because of complete imbalance in the body and excessive intake of medicines.

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