Convenient Yet Desirable Long Hair Finger Roll Hairstyle

Long Hair Finger Roll Hairstyle If you want to have lustrous curls and waves then you have two options – one to go to a hair stylist and pay a lump sum amount to get the hair curled and the second option is to roll the hair with your fingers. The latter being the more economical of the two but it is the more difficult of the two as setting the hair into curls is a tricky task which is not that easy to achieve.

But replacing plastic and foam rollers with your fingers is convenient and also a more desirable option for people who like to stay away from the hair paraphernalia.

How to do Finger Roll Hairstyle?

Using a finger roll technique in either dry or damp hair is perfect. One can also use hair gels and lotions to set the curls firmly and quickly. Here is a step by step description of how one can get the perfect roll hairstyle with minimal styling products and the right technique:


The hair can be washed with your regular shampoo followed by a regular conditioner. Once done, blot dry the hair with a towel without drying the hair completely while making sure that all the extra water is soaked by the towel.

Hair Gel

Once the hair is blotted dry, part the hair into sections concentrating on the side where you want to start the rolling process.

Finger Roll Hairstyle

To do this properly, you need to apply a hair gel or a setting lotion which helps in controlling the flyaways.


Next is the combing process where you part the hair and start combing it to smoothen the section. Once done, use your middle finger to take a section near the parting and comb it firmly against the finger. The comb teeth must be set perpendicular to the head.


Once you have combed firmly, start the rolling process where you roll the hair till it reached the scalp. Then, use a hair clip or bobby pin to secure the hair end. This process must be repeated till you have rolled all the strands of hair and pinned the ends onto the scalp. Leave the rolls for a few hours.


How To Get Long Hair Finger Roll Hairstyle

To secure the rolls, one can spritz the hair with a hold-on hairspray that makes sure that the rolls do not give away once the pins are removed.


To finish the hairstyle, simply remove the pins from the curls and set the hair with your fingers. Do not use a comb or a brush to set as this would detangle the rolls and it would fall apart. Instead, finger comb the hair into the style of your choice. If you want to make a loose ponytail then pull the hair back without being too forceful.

Alternatively, one can also opt for a vintage-looking bun that can be embellished with hair accessories. One can also opt for a half updo or just tousle the hair backwards leaving only a few tendrils to frame the face. To hold any style together, always mist the hair with a hair spray at the end.

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